Unified Sea Ice Thickness CDR from 1947-2012 Now Available

This climate data record (CDR) is a collection of observations from 1947 to 2012 of Arctic sea-ice draft, freeboard, and thickness. Existing observations of sea-ice thickness span a variety of methods, accuracies, and temporal and spatial scales and are archived in a variety of different locations and in different formats. These data have been formatted in a consistent manner with clear documentation, allowing the scientific community to better utilize what is now a considerable body of observations.The collection consists of 15 different data sets and includes data from moored and submarine-based upward looking sonar (ULS) instruments, airborne electromagnetic (EM) induction instruments, bore hole measurements, satellite laser altimeters (ICESat), and airborne laser altimeters (IceBridge). For more information and to access these data, see the Unified Sea Ice Thickness Climate Data Record Collection Spanning 1947-2012 web page.

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