Sea Ice Index Update: Daily Data and Improved Documentation Now Available

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that the Sea Ice Index data archive now has daily as well as monthly ice extent numbers for the northern and southern hemispheres. The product documentation has also been overhauled to include an explanation of how these are made and to give a clearer and complete description of all Sea Ice Index products. The documentation now includes the following:

  • Flow charts to make data processing steps easier to follow.
  • Explanation on how the median edge position is determined and why it is used. The median edge is the pink line on the monthly extent images and the orange line on the daily extent images.
  • Clearer explanation of coverage and resolution.
  • More information on accuracy.
  • Shows how to use the Browse Image Spreadsheet Tool (BIST) to quickly compare images from past years.
  • Includes a short section on how the product has evolved, from 2002 into 2012.

To access the data and the new documentation, see the Sea Ice Index Web site.

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