SCICEX 2011 Sea Ice Draft Data Released

Draft data provide much-needed validation for estimates of sea ice thickness from satellites and models. The Submarine Arctic Science Program (SCICEX) is pleased to announce the release of sea ice draft data from the 2011 SCICEX campaign. The data were acquired with upward looking sonar on US Navy submarines traveling under the Arctic Ocean in March and April of 2011. These data contribute to a larger effort to collect comprehensive physical, biological, and chemical data of the Arctic Ocean.  The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) plans to add this latest release of SCICEX sea ice draft data into the Submarine Upward Looking Sonar Ice Draft Profile Data and Statistics data set housed at the NSIDC. Currently, the data can be accessed through the SCICEX Data Inventory Web site under the Sea Ice Draft Data tab.

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