SCICEX 2011 and 2014 Sea Ice Draft Data have been Corrected and Re-released

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce that a team at the University of Washington, Applied Physics Lab, led by Axel Schweiger, has corrected and reprocessed the sea ice draft data for the 2011 USS Connecticut and USS New Hampshire SCICEX campaigns and the 2014 USS New Mexico SCICEX campaigns. When the data were first released in 2015, the upward looking sonar data received from the submarine were the peak returns instead of the first returns of the signal. This can cause the sea ice draft data to be biased towards thinner ice. ASL has been able to retrieve the first return signals and feels confident that these data are now an accurate portrayal of the sea ice draft data. Note that the 2014 USS Hampton campaigns are still under review and will be released as time allows. The data can be accessed from the SCICEX Data Inventory and Access web page under the Sea Ice Draft Data tab. Documentation on the processing of these data can be found in the document Processing-Notes-2011-2014-SCICEX-uls-data.pdf.

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