SCICEX 2011 and 2012 Bathymetry Data Released

Until recently, detailed bathymetric maps of the Arctic Ocean using modern sounding techniques were virtually non-existent. The Submarine Arctic Science Program (SCICEX) has helped to fill in these gaps over the last two decades and provide validation for the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO). The SCICEX program is pleased to announce the release of additional bathymetry of the Arctic Ocean from the 2011 and 2012 SCICEX campaigns. The data were acquired with a bottom sounder that is part of the Submarine Data Recording System (SDRS) on US Navy submarines traveling under the Arctic Ocean in March and April of 2011 and in November of 2012. These data contribute to a larger effort to collect comprehensive physical, biological, and chemical data in the Arctic Ocean.  These data can be accessed through the SCICEX Data Inventory Web site via the Bathymetry tab and may eventually be added to NGDC’s Marine Trackline Geophysical Database.

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