Reprocessing Complete for AMSR-E Version 3 Brightness Temperatures

Version 3 reprocessing is now complete for the AMSR-E/Aqua Level-2A Global Swath Spatially-Resampled Brightness Temperatures (AE_L2A) data set. Changes to the Version 3 algorithm for these data include:

  • Improved Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) flagging and recalibration according to the Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) Version 7 standard. The RSS Version 7 algorithm involves intercalibration with other microwave radiometers, calibration with an improved Radiative Transfer Model (RTM), improved calibration over land, and several other calibration adjustments.
  • An additional 18 days of data, spanning 01 June 2002 through 18 June 2002.

More information regarding AMSR-E L2A Version 3 algorithm changes is available on the AMSR-E Data Versions page. For documentation and data access, see the data set catalog page.

Please contact NSIDC User Services with questions you have regarding these or other NSIDC data.

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