Replacement Files Available for SMAP Data Impacted by Antenna Azimuth Issue

Due to a problem with the Antenna Azimuth file used to process the half-orbit 01966_A, the SMAP Science Data System (SDS) team has replaced the following files:

SMAP_L1B_TB_01966_A_20150614T231537_R14010_001.h5 (Regenerated 2017-02-11)
SMAP_L1C_TB_01966_A_20150614T231537_R14010_001.h5 (Regenerated 2017-02-14)
SMAP_L1C_TB_E_01966_A_20150614T231537_R14010_001.h5 (Regenerated 2017-02-14)
SMAP_L2_SM_P_E_01966_A_20150614T231537_R14010_001.h5 (Regenerated 2017-02-14)
SMAP_L2_SM_P_01966_A_20150614T231537_R14010_001.h5 (Regenerated 2017-02-16)

The SMAP SDS has corrected the Antenna Azimuth file and regenerated these half-orbits. Users are advised to download the replacement data files at their earliest convenience.

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