NOAA Preserve America Initiative Grant (PAIG) awarded to NOAA@NSIDC

NSIDC has been awarded a $12,000 grant to arrange, describe, preserve, digitize, and make available the records of the World Data Center (WDC) for Glaciology at NSIDC. The NOAA Preserve America Initiative Grant (PAIG) is a popular mini-grant program “designed to stimulate efforts within NOAA to preserve, protect, and promote the agency’s heritage assets.” For more information about the initiative, see the NOAA and the Preserve America Initiative Web site. The grant will make it possible for the WDC for Glaciology to organize, digitize, and make available the records about the creation and history of the WDC for Glaciology and NSIDC. An online exhibit and timeline will be created to highlight this history. This web page will draw researchers to the collection to improve the visibility of the rest of the collections at NSIDC. As one of more than 40 WDCs around the world that are collecting, archiving, and distributing geophysical data, the WDC for Glaciology provides a focus for snow and ice information services. Data sets cover the subject areas of glaciers, avalanches, snow cover, polar ice masses, ice cores, sea ice, and fresh water ice. In addition, the WDC for Glaciology includes extensive library holdings. For more information, see the WDC for Glaciology, Boulder Web site.


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