New Version 3 Aquarius Level-3 Soil Moisture Data

Version 3 Aquarius L3 Gridded 1-Degree Soil Moisture data are now available at the NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center (NSIDC DAAC). This data set contains Level-3 gridded daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual global soil moisture estimates derived from the NASA Aquarius passive microwave radiometer on the Satélite de Aplicaciones Científicas (SAC-D). Changes in Version 3 include: use of the most recent version (Version 3) of Aquarius Brightness Temperatures as input; Aquarius Brightness Temperatures are no longer re-calibrated before soil moisture retrievals as was done for Version 2 data; and soil moisture observations are valid over a wider range of brightness temperatures compared to Version 2 data.  See the Aquarius Data Sets page for more information.


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