New data set release: Landsat 8 Ice Speed of Antarctica (LISA) mosaics at NSIDC

The Landsat 8 Ice Speed of Antarctica (LISA), Version 1 data set, is now available at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. This data set, as part of the Global Land Ice Velocity Extraction from Landsat (GoLIVE) project, provides a compilation of Antarctic ice flow velocity mappings generated from pairs of Landsat 8 panchromatic images between 1 July 2013 to 30 April 2017. The data are provided at a gridded spatial resolution of 750 m. There are six compiled time-periods within the stated range in the data set, with each compilation containing visualization and data quality files.

Data set DOI:
Sponsor: NASA Cryospheric Sciences, grant number NNX16AJ88G

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