Gridded North American Snow, Temperature, and Precipitation Data Set Now Available

NOAA@NSIDC is pleased to announce the release of the Daily Gridded North American Snow, Temperature, and Precipitation, 1959-2009 data set. These data provide daily snow, temperature, and precipitation data for North America from 1959 to 2009. They are gridded to a 1-degree latitude by 1-degree longitude resolution to create a 114 x 58 grid for each day of data. The data were obtained from U.S. National Weather Service Cooperative  Observer Program (COOP) ground  station network and daily surface observations from the Meteorological Service of  Canada. The data are provided in NetCDF format.

Thomas Estilow, Rutgers University Global Snow Lab, worked with us to document this product. The data were used in a NOAA supported research project titled “Toward Improved Understanding of Extreme Snow Melt Runoff Events Under Past, Present, and Future Climate.“   We know of no data product that is similar to this one that is more current. The group at Rutgers hopes to update this product when resources allow.

To access the data, please visit the data set landing page.

Data Set DOI:

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