Daily IMS Snow and Ice Analysis Data Set Now Available in NetCDF Format

NOAA@NSIDC and the U.S. National Ice Center are pleased to announce that the IMS Daily Northern Hemisphere Snow and Ice Analysis data set is now available in NetCDF format for the 4 km and 1 km gridded data.

The NetCDF version of this product is the result of a partnership between data experts at the USNIC, NOAA STAR, the NOAA Meteorological Development Laboratory (MDL), the NOAA PolarWatch group, and NOAA@NSIDC. The NetCDF files are now being produced by STAR. Production at the USNIC will begin at a later date.

Now that these data are in NetCDF format, work will begin to bring them into the PolarWatch data portal. The PolarWatch portal will provide users with capabilities for viewing and manipulating IMS data fields.

Access to the data and documentation is available from the data set web page at NSIDC.

Data Set DOI: https://doi.org/10.7265/N52R3PMC

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