Correction to ICESat Data Product Surface Elevations

The ICESat Project Science Team announced that a correction to ICESat surface elevation data products is necessary due to an error in the range determination from transmit-pulse reference selection (centroid vs. Gaussian, G-C). The following products are affected by this finding: GLA06 (global elevation), GLA12 (ice sheet), GLA13 (sea ice), and GLA15 (ocean). GLA14 users who use the range increment for the alternative Gaussian-fitted peaks may want to also use the correction.

The ICESat Project will provide the correction files to the NSIDC DAAC, which can be applied directly to the surface elevations on a shot-by-shot basis for each of the ICESat laser campaigns.

For details, see the Correction to ICESat Data Product Surface Elevations Web page. For questions and concerns, please contact NSIDC User Services.

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