Arctic Sea State 2015 Field Campaign Data Set Now Available

NSIDC is pleased to announce the release of the Arctic Sea State 2015 Field Campaign, Version 1 data set. The U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) Sea State Departmental Research Initiative (DRI) field campaign was conducted in October and November of 2015 in the Beaufort Sea in order to better understand how waves and ice interact as Arctic ice advances in late autumn. As sea ice has retreated under the influence of warming climate, fetch (distance of open water over which wind can act to build waves) has grown, resulting in an increasingly dynamic sea state. The melt season has gotten longer, giving ocean swell more time in which to build. Pancake ice, previously uncommon, is now characteristic of the western Arctic in autumn. Data collection took place under four sampling modes: wave experiments via buoys, ice stations, flux stations, and ship surveys. This data set provides the results of this field campaign in NetCDF data files.  Data were prepared for publication and are archived, maintained, and distributed by NSIDC through the support of the Office of Naval Research, Award Number N00014-19-1-2554.

To learn more and to access these data, visit the data set landing page.

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