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Mark Parsons
Mark A. Parsons, SSIII Project Lead
Mark Parsons is a Senior Associate Scientist at NSIDC with nearly 20 years of experience designing data systems. More recently, Mark has been focused on coordinating international data initiatives through the International Polar Year and its legacy projects.
Mark leads, manages, and reports on the overall SSIII project. He is the primary liaison and engages the Arctic research and data community in the SSIII project, especially the members of the IPY Data and Information Service, the Polar Information Commons (PIC), the Sustained Arctic Observing Network (SAON), and the Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI). Mark helps coordinate the ontology development workshops and provides linkages between the ontology and NSIDC data holdings and experts. Mark is the primary spokesperson for the project and attends the Interoperability Network Leaders' meetings at the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Ruth Duerr
Ruth Duerr, Data Scientist
Ruth is the manager of the data stewardship program at NSIDC and the PI/Project Manager for several ongoing data management and cyber infrastructure projects. Her research interests involve nearly all aspects of data stewardship. Her recent activities include a NASA-sponsored activity that demonstrated the feasibility of using the PREMIS metadata standard with NSIDC data holdings at the data set level, testing mechanisms for improving the long-term recoverability of data in NASA's archive that are in outdated data formats, and a NOAA-sponsored project working with the science community to introduce production of detailed metadata into the product development process.
In her role as a data scientist for the SSIII project, Ruth participates in the workshops to advise on characteristics of certain sea ice data, metadata, and documentation. Ruth is also the primary liaison with the Data Conservancy.
Peter Fox
Dr. Peter Fox, Data Scientist
Peter joined the Tetherless World Constellation in 2008. Formerly, he was the Chief Computational Scientist at the High Altitude Observatory (HAO) of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Fox's research specializes in the fields of solar and solar-terrestrial physics, computational and computer science, information technology, and grid-enabled, distributed semantic data frameworks. Fox is currently the PI for the Semantic eScience Framework (SESF), the Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory (VSTO), the Semantically-Enabled Scientific Data Integration, and the Semantic Provenance Capture in Data Ingest Systems (SPCDIS) projects. (Source: http://tw.rpi.edu/wiki/Peter_Fox)
Peter, together with Co-PI McGuinness, develops and implements the methods for developing the sea ice ontology. Peter also connects SSIII activities to other national and international initiatives including the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), ICSU's Strategic Coordination Committee on Information and Data (SCCID), and the IUGG Union Commission for Data and Information.
Shari Gearheard
Dr. Shari Gearheard, Science Advisor
Shari specializes in human-environment interactions, traditional knowledge research, Arctic environment and change, Inuit knowledge, participatory research, innovative technologies and methodologies, and linking indigenous and scientific knowledge.
As the science advisor for the SSIII project, Shari advises on methods for incorporating local and traditional knowledge in the ontology and provides linkages to Arctic communities. Shari will participate in the first two workshops to identify and engage Arctic residents for the workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska. Shari works to extend the SSIII through the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA) project and she is the liaison to the Canadian Inuit Sea Ice Use and Occupancy Project.
Deann Miller, Supervisor Technical Writing Department
Deann is an Associate Scientist III at NSIDC, and she is the Supervisor of the Technical Writing Team. Deann also writes scientific technical documentation for remote sensing data sets, and creates API documentation for various projects within NSIDC. Deann's experience includes leading documentation teams developing Web based scientific documentation, Web content, and software and hardware user and training manuals. Deann has a bachelor's degree in English, emphasis Technical Writing, and a minor in Journalism from Northern Illinois University.

Deann's role in the SSIII project is to develop the outreach and communications strategies and materials to help engage the community in the SSIII project.
Mark Parsons
Dr. Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa, Data Scientist
Siri Jodha has worked at the interface between the snow and ice community and data systems developers since he became NSIDC's Science Liaison to NASA's EOSDIS project in 1993. He has also been a key player in the development of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), leading the Standards and Interoperability Forum for GEOSS. Siri Jodha is an expert in remote sensing and geographic information systems, data visualization, and metadata standards. In his role as a data scientist for the SSIII project, he advises on remote sensing sea ice data sets, metadata, and documentation. Siri Jodha also serves as the primary liaison between the SSIII project and GEOSS, ensuring that our work meshes with the GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Process and that the ontology is registered and available through the GEOSS Common Infrastructure.
Deborah McGuinness
Dr. Deborah McGuinness, Data Scientist
Deborah worked as the acting director and senior research scientist of the Knowledge Systems Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (KSL) at Stanford University. Deborah is known for her collaboration in the OWL Web Ontology Language and has been working in knowledge representation and reasoning environments for over 25 years. Deborah's primary research includes work on explanation, trust, ontologies, and semantically-enabled schema and data integration. Deborah currently works at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).
Deborah role in the SSIII project is to create the mapping and merging of vocabularies and ontologies in the sea ice ontology.
Walt Meier
Dr. Walt Meier, Science Advisor
Walt's current work involves research using passive microwave satellite imagery to improve understanding of changing sea ice conditions and impacts on climate. He is the science lead for passive microwave products at NSIDC and principal investigator on projects to develop climate data records from satellite data. Walt is a member of the WCRP Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Sea Ice Working Group, the International Arctic Science Committee Cryosphere Working Group, and a convening lead author of the Snow, Water, Ice Permafrost in the Arctic (SWIPA) Report, to be published in spring 2011.
Walt's role in the SSIII project is to advise on the scientific relevance and accuracy of the project, and help develop the initial use cases and the seed concept map. He will participate in the first workshop, help identify workshop participants, and help engage the Arctic research community.
Peter L. Pulsifer
Dr. Peter L. Pulsifer, Technical Lead
Peter is a research scientist at NSIDC. Peter specializes in the establishment of data management and sharing protocols, understanding terminology related to traditional and community-based knowledge, and the development of Web-based mapping and visualization applications. Peter is the NSIDC technical lead for the SSIII project. He will be implementing the ontology in software tools.