NSIDC has changed our user access model from "Search and Order" and "Wait and Download" to "Discover and Access." We have enhanced the process for searching and receiving our data with our new infrastructure that supports users finding and browsing actual data holdings online.

Searchlight is a layered architecture built in Java with a PostGIS data base. It is a robust, extensible infrastructure that can be leveraged by applications to discover and access disparate data types with on-the-fly reprojection, regridding, and reformatting. It was efficiently developed by focusing on reusing open source software, following best practices, and implementing proven design patterns. It reuses many open source libraries and utilities to enable rich functionality. This functionality includes processing and outputting of multiple formats, subsetting, reprojection, free text search, and a Web 2.0 interface. Future reuse of Searchlight components are supported at varying levels, ranging from the database and model components to Web services.

The Searchlight architecture is flexible for future enhancements, maintainable for a long expected life span, and capable of scaling to meet future growth and additional services to meet the changing needs of our user community.

For questions about Searchlight, please contact NSIDC User Services.

Applications and Services Using Searchlight

Polaris serves as a navigation point for limited NSIDC data sets adding subsetting, reformatting, and reprojecting capabilities.
Searchlight provides OpenSearch services for data set and granule level data discovery. Searchlight also provides data access and retrieval through REST services which can be accessed from OpenSearch results.