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Adopt a Glacier

World Map with Target Showing Location of Arapaho Glacier, Franz Josef Galcier, Muir Glacier, and Zmutt Glacier
Glaciers Available for Adoption
A: Arapaho Glacier, B: Franz Josef Glacier, C: Muir Glacier,
D: Qori Kalis Glacier, E: Zmutt Glacier

Why Adopt a Glacier?

Glaciers are rapidly shrinking around the world in response to a warming Earth. Many of them will disappear in the coming decades, after having persisted for thousands of years.

Adopting a glacier is a great way to support glacier research. Your donation goes to the Roger G. Barry Archives and Resource Center (ARC) to preserve some of the artifacts that show how these glaciers have changed over the last century, including historic glacier photographs, field notebooks, and maps going back to the 1800s.Of course, your adoption is only symbolic, but you can learn about your glacier and watch it change.

All donations will go directly towards preserving these unique collections for future researchers. We may not be able to save your glacier, but with your help we can know more about how and why glaciers are changing.

What You Receive for Your Donation

We will e-mail you the following materials (within 5-7 business days):

Glacier Adoption Certificate
Adoption Certificate

Glacier Fact Sheet Thumb Nail
Glacier Fact Sheet

ARC News Letter Thumb Nail
Historical Photo

You will also be emailed the next annual ARC newsletter where your name will be listed as a supporter of ARC.

Glaciers Available for Adoption

All of the photos on these pages are part of the NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection. To learn more about glaciers, see NSIDC's All About Glaciers Web site. The references and further reading for the glaciers in the Adopt a Glacier Program are availale from the References page.