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Investigations of Sea Ice State using Multisensor Data, Time History and Lagrangian Tracking

NASAThis project is funded by NASA grant NNG04GP50G


To investigate Arctic sea ice using as many variables as possible from satellite observations together with information on how the sea ice evolved over time by tracking individual ice parcels


Julienne Stroeve

Project Summary

  • Assemble gridded data base at the University of Colorado for use in time series analysis (consisting of 40 or so parameters including satellite data, NCEP/NCAR reanalyses, etc., for the entire Arctic and some Antarctic coverage
  • Generation of additional data sets (backscatter, enhanced resolution AMSR-E, etc.) to be added to the CU data base
  • Development of SAR forward modeling capabilities, as applied to SHEBA data
  • Extension of forward modeling to include passive microwave modeling and visible/thermal modeling
  • Analysis of brightness temperature variations related to snow cover
  • Investigation of thermal/albedo factors related to "survivability" of ice during summer melt

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