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Community-Enabled Discovery, Access, Publishing, and Enhancement (CEDDAPE): Enabling an Information Commons

NSFThis project is funded by NSF award 0946625.


To help lower barriers to data publishing, annotation, and enhancement while maintaining the authority and heritage information provided by formal archives.


Ruth Duerr is PI; Mark Parsons and Dave Gallaher are Co-PIs.

Project Summary

The CEDDAPE project will develop a working prototype of a federated and community-enabled approach to data sharing, discovery, and enhancement. CEDDAPE will be implemented based on several new and evolving open source technologies that allow discovery across multiple search protocols and conventions and continually inform users of relevant changes in data availability and data and service enhancements. The cutting edge technologies to be prototyped by CEDDAPE—data and service casts, OpenSearch services, and Wave-enabled metadata—should work synergistically to provide an overall solution that is greater than the sum of the parts. Interactive (Wave) technologies that can significantly increase responsiveness to user queries and decrease the barriers to provider participation in data set accession and distribution will be employed.

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