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State of the Cryosphere Web Site

NASAThis project is funded by the NSIDC NASA DAAC


To develop and maintain NSIDC's State of the Cryosphere Web site


Richard Armstrong and Michon Scott

Project Summary

Armstrong leads the development and maintenance of this NSIDC Web product. The State of the Cryosphere Web site is directed towards a broad audience of scientific and general users, and provides a current and succinct overview of how various components of the cryosphere respond to climate change. The site focuses on seasonal snow cover, sea ice, mountain glaciers, ice sheets, ice shelves, permafrost, and sea level, and their response to global warming. During 2004 the sea ice, snow cover, mountain glacier, and sea level time series were updated and the entire site was reviewed, edited, and updated. In addition, the home page was totally redesigned. Michon Scott directed the work. In recent years, Science magazine has published two reviews supporting and encouraging the use of this Web site.

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