Qori Kalis Glacier

Qori Kalis Glacier, photographed by Lonnie G. Thompson, Byrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University, in 1978 (left) and 2004 (right).

Muir Glacier

Muir Glacier, photographed by William O. Field on 13 August 1941 (left) and by Bruce F. Molnia on 31 August 2004 (right).

McCall Glacier

McCall Glacier, photographed by Austin S. Post in 1958 (left) and by Matt Nolan in 2003 (right).

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The Roger G. Barry Archives and Resource Center at the National Snow and Ice Data Center maintains a unique and rare collection, documenting early polar exploration and the first scientific expeditions to the far reaches of our planet. These collections provide researchers priceless historical insight into how the Earth’s polar and icy regions have changed. As a soft money funded organization with no endowment, our facility is under threat. Traditional funding sources no longer support the collection. Your donation will help create an endowment to sustain these resources for research into the future. Please support us today.

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Adopting a glacier is a great way to support glacier research. Your donation goes to the ARC @ NSIDC to preserve some of the artifacts that show how these glaciers have changed over the last century, including historic glacier photographs, field notebooks, and maps going back to the 1800s.Of course, your adoption is only symbolic, but you can learn about your glacier and watch it change.
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ARC is a library and archive for people studying the history of science or past climate related to the Earth's frozen regions. Our mission is to preserve and make accessible these historical materials for future generations. Gifts are purchased through ARC @ NSIDC's Cafe Press web page. All proceeds go directly to supporting this mission.
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Maintaining an archive requires money for infrastructure and trained people, who must document and manage material carefully to secure its accessibility a century from now. Your donation will help create an endowment to sustain these resources for research into the future. Please donate to keep our archive alive and bountiful, to understand our evolving climate, and to honor our past.


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