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Second Annual Meeting Selected Presentations

Please note that PowerPoint® is required to open each presentation file. Presentation files are listed under the name of the file contributor. Some presentations had additional presentors. These presentations are also linked to from the agenda.

Henrik Steen Andersen
Ice Center Report: Greenland/Denmark (688 K)
IICWG Survey Results (1.1 MB)

Cheryl Bertoia
IICWG-II Goals and Objectives (992 K)

Bob Desh
Report on Action Items from IICWG-I (124 K)

John Falkingham
Ice Ablation (56 K)
The Link to the Opertional Community: Practical Implications of Changing Ice Cover (84 K)
Ice Chart Colour Codes (96 K)
Ice in ECDIS (104 K)
U.S./Canada Joint Ice Working Group (28 K)

Florence Fetterer
Advances in SIGRID-based Formats (1,012 K)

Dean Flett
Ice Analyst Training and Tutorial Development (3.3 MB)
Standing Committee on Applied Science and Research (80 K)

Rashpal Gill
Sea Ice Detection in RADARSAT Imagery Using Statistical Distribution (4.9 MB)

Keld Hansen
Ice Analysis and Interpretation Training: Present and Future Plans at DMI (6.0 MB)

Wayne Lumsden
Spring Break-up Advisory (24 K)
Ice Center Report: Canada (40 K)

Mike Manore
RADARSAT-2 Update (32 K)

Eric Miller
Ice Analyst / Forecaster Training at NIC and Future Module Development of "Ice Tutor" (116 K)

Yuri Shcherbakov
Ice Center Report: Russia (3.2 MB)

Zdenka Willis
National Ice Center (3.3 MB)
CEOS/Disaster Hazards Initiative (5.0 MB)