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Tuesday, October 3
0830 Welcoming Remarks Magnus Jonsson
Director, Icelandic Meteorological Office
0845 Address Kristjan Kristjansson
Head of Science Division
National Research Council of Iceland
0855 Introductions and Logistics Thor Jakobsson
Sea Ice Unit, IMO
0900 Opening Remarks
Co-Chairs: (David Grimes, Director-General; Services, Clients and Partners Directorate; Meteorological Service of Canada; Environment Canada; Trausti Jonsson, Head, Department of Research and Processing, IMO; Zdenka Willis, Director, U.S. National Ice Center)
Introduction of Participants All
Adoption of Agenda Co-chairs
0920 IICWG-II Goals and Objectives
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Cheryl Bertoia
Thor Jakobsson
(Organizing Committee)
0930 Reports from other Ice Working Groups (10 min. each)
WMO SubGroup on Sea Ice and Global Digital Sea Ice Data Bank Mikhail Krasnoperov (WMO)
Baltic Sea Ice Working Group Klaus Struebing
(Chair, BSIWG)
U.S./Canada Joint Ice Working Group
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John Falkingham (CIS)
1000 Coffee Break
1030 Report on Action Items from IICWG-I
Chair, Standing Committee on Data, Information and Customer Support
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Bob Desh (IIP)
Co-Chairs, Standing Committee on Applied Science and Research
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Dean Flett (CIS) / Rashpal Gill (DMI)
1130 Ice Center Reports: Issues and Concerns to be addressed by the IICWG, areas for possible cooperation (15 minutes each)
Iceland Thor Jakobsson (IMO)
United States
National Ice Center
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Zdenka Willis (NIC)
International Ice Patrol Bob Desh (IIP)
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Wayne Lumsden (CIS)
1230 LUNCH: Walk to the North Pole, Haraldur Orn Olafsson
1400 Finland Hannu Grônvall (FIMR)
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Henrik Steen Andersen (DMI)
Norway Frode Dinessen (DNMI)
Germany Klaus Struebing (BSH)
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Yuri Shcherbakov (AARI)
Argentina Beatrize Lorenzo
1530 Coffee Break
1600 Presentation of conference honorary guest, Pall Bergthorsson, sea ice and climate scientist and scholar, former Director of IMO Thor Jakobsson
1620 Impacts of Sea Ice in Iceland A.D. 1850-2000 Ingibjorg Jonsdottir
1640 Exploring Polynya Dynamics with a High-resolution Sea Ice Model Halldor Bjornsson
1700 Reception hosted by the Icelandic Department of Environment
Wednesday, October 4
0830 Discussion Session: Future Sensors: Data Acquisition, Sharing and Costing Models
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Andersen / Manore / Stryker
* RADARSAT-2 Update
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Mike Manore
* Envisat Data and Pricing Simon Chesworth
* NPOESS Mission Timothy Stryker
* IICWG Survey Results
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Henrik Andersen
0930 Advances in SIGRID-based Formats
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Fetterer / Anderson
* Evolution of ice semantics on the basis of SIGRID
* Definition of spatial component in raster and/or vector form, choice of projections and accuracy
* Choice of WMO/freeware and commercial formats in relay of ice products to end-user
1030 Coffee Break
1100 Discussion Session: Sea Ice Natural Variability and Potential Changes in the Arctic Ice Regime Brigham / Falkingham
* The Link to the Operational Comunity: Practical Implications of Changing Ice Cover
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1230 LUNCH
1330 Technical Tours: visits to the Marine Science Institute and the Icelandic Coast Guard
1830 Conference dinner in historical Videyjarstofa (hosted by IMO and ONREUR, Office of Naval Research, Europe)
Thursday, October 5
0830 Discussion Session: Ice Analyst Training and Tutorial Development
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Facilitated by Flett / Bertoia / Andersen
* Development of a Computer-based training (CBT) Tool: "Ice Tutor" Dean Flett
* Ice Analyst / Forecaster Training at NIC and Future Module Development of "Ice Tutor"
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Eric Miller
* Ice Analysis and Interpretation Training: Present and Future Plans at DMI
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Keld Hansen
0930 Discussion Session: Research and Development Collaborative Activities Facilitated by Gill / Jonsdottir
* The CEOS Disaster / Hazards initiative
Download Presentation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Wood / Willis
* A Frazil / Pancake Sea Ice Model Coon / Toudal
* EUMETSAT SAF Ocean and Sea Ice Breivik
* Sea ice detection in RADARSAT imagery using statistical distribution
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1030 Coffee Break
1100 Standing Committees Meetings
Assignment of action items and preliminary report preparation
1230 LUNCH (hosted by the National Research Council of Iceland):
President of Iceland, Dr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson: Future of the North, Icelandic and International Perspectives
1400 Discussion Session: Ice in ECDIS
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Facilitated by Falkingham / Struebing
* Summary and Action Items from the June 2000 ECDIS Workshop in St. Johns: A Pilot Project Falkingham
1430 Coffee Break
1500 Discussion Session: IICWG - Global or Northern Hemisphere? Facilitated by Bertoia / Ramsay / Jakobsson
1530 Standing Committee Reports
Download Presentation: Ice Ablation (PowerPoint® required to open)
Download Presentation: Ice Chart Color Codes (PowerPoint® required to open)
1600 Review of Action Items Tim Stryker
1630 Closing Remarks Grimes / Jonsson / Willis
1700 Meeting Adjourns
Friday, October 6
0800 Post-conference tour in the South Iceland countryside on a bus from GJ Travel Agency, returning to Reykjavik appr. at 1700 (optional)