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Antarctic Glaciers Accelerate in Wake of Ice Shelf Breakup:
Glacier Thinning Observations from ICESat

Hektoria Glacier and grounded ice Laser altimeter tracks from the eight-day repeat cycles of ICESat/GLAS show a 5-to-40-meter lowering of the Hektoria glacier surface between 27 March and 27 September 2003. The image map of the lower portion of the Hektoria Glacier shows the location of elevation data for the three selected eight-day passes (red: valid surface elevation data). Shot pairs along slope (=flow) were selected on the basis of streaklines and ice flow vectors. Two eight-day tracks from Laser 1 were compared to a single Laser 2 track. Waveforms for the shots were reviewed and appear valid. The magnitude of the observed drawdown (lowering of glacier level) greatly exceeds any uncertainty in the measurements.
(Images derived from Scambos et al.: Larsen B Glacier Acceleration, 2004)
Graph of glacier elevation

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