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24 January 2006

NSIDC Scientist Receives Paper of the Year Award

NSIDC scientist Oliver Frauenfeld has received the Climate Specialty Group John Russell Mather Paper of the Year award from the Association of American Geographers. His paper, "A Distinctly Interdecadal Signal of Pacific Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction," was published in Journal of Climate in 2005; co-authors are R. E. Davis and M. E. Mann.

The authors uncovered the new climate signal by examining the coupled behavior of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation. Isolation of the interdecadal signal has potentially important and widespread implications for climate forecasting and climate impact assessment.

Frauenfeld will give a special plenary presentation on March 9 between 1:00-2:40 p.m. during the upcoming Association of American Geographers meeting in Chicago. For the conference Web site, see: For more information on AAG and the award, see: