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New study shows warm waters are melting Antarctica from below
The Guardian (United Kingdom), Thu, 2014-11-13

Nation’s last big icebreaker endures despite age
The Washington Post, Wed, 2014-11-12

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Rep-Am.com, Yahoo! News, ActionNewsJax.com, The Seattle Times, NewsPressNow.com, and Union-Bulletin.com.

India and calculus of the Arctic region - analysis
EurasiaReview.com, Wed, 2014-11-12

Burning questions about winter cold
UCAR.edu, Mon, 2014-11-10

New research quantifies what’s causing sea level to rise
TheStar.com.my (Malaysia), Mon, 2014-11-10

"Dark ice" speeds up melting in Greenland
LiveScience.com, Sun, 2014-11-09

Glaciers' retreat documented in book from UA-led project
University of Arizona News, Thu, 2014-11-06

Nimbus - Nasa published ancient satellite images
TheFootballExaminer.com, Wed, 2014-11-05

Arctic sea ice shows strong autumn growth
ReportingClimateScience.com, Tue, 2014-11-04

What's causing sea level to rise?
Gulf-Times.com, Thu, 2014-10-30

New research reveals what's causing sea levels to rise
The Guardian, United Kingdom, Thu, 2014-10-30