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Cryosphere in the News

24 July 2014
Synchronization of North Atlantic, North Pacific preceded a warming, end of ice age
"The study suggests that the combined warming of the two oceans may have provided the tipping point for abrupt warming and rapid melting of the northern ice sheets." (Phys.Org)

23 July 2014
Genetic study shows major impact of climate change on Antarctic fur seals
"The findings show that the seals have significantly altered in accordance with changes in food availability that are associated with climate conditions." (British Antarctic Survey)

23 July 2014
Melting glaciers giving rise to new lakes in Himachal Pradesh
"Melting of glaciers is resulting in the formation of smaller lakes in the high hills of Himachal Pradesh and is posing threat to the population living downstream." (Economic Times, India)

23 July 2014
Efforts on to monitor Himalayan Glaciers
"Studies so far show the Himalayan glaciers are melting. However, the rate, amount and patterns differ. " (The Times of India)

16 July 2014
Certain Arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release
"Mosses and other plants flourish in these lakes, leading to carbon uptake rates that are among the highest in the world, even compared to carbon-rich peatlands." (National Science Foundation)

12 July 2014
NASA's high-flying laser altimeter to check out summer sea ice and more
"Sea ice in summer looks dramatically different than sea ice in winter, even in the polar Arctic. Summer snow melt, pools of water on thinning ice and exposed ocean replace vast winter expanses of white snow-covered ice—and this weekend NASA's high-flying laser altimeter begins a campaign to investigate these features." (Phys.Org)

12 July 2014
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Why is it so important to climate change research?
"Climatologists and other specialists are attempting to determine whether or not the West Antarctic ice sheet completely melted away some 125,000 years ago—the last time the planet reached temperatures as high as those anticipated within the next 200 years." (

10 July 2014
On thin ice: Inuit way of life vanishing in the Arctic
"NBC's Ann Curry reports from Greenland, providing a rare glimpse of Inuit hunters facing a rapidly changing way of life in the Arctic." (NBC News)

10 July 2014
Loss of snowpack and glaciers in Rockies poses water threat
"From the Columbia River basin in the U.S. to the Prairie Provinces of Canada, scientists and policy makers are confronting a future in which the loss of snow and ice in the Rocky Mountains could imperil water supplies for agriculture, cities and towns, and hydropower production." (Yale Environment 360)

9 July 2014
Swimming, climbing robots explore the hostile Arctic
"The Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) programme is the biggest experiment of its kind in the Arctic Ocean. A host of specially designed instruments work in concert to build a picture of how the ice responds to changes in the surrounding conditions." (New Scientist)

9 July 2014
Whalers' log books confirm Arctic sea ice is retreating
"Log books from British whaling ships more than 200 years ago have given new insights into the history of the Arctic sea ice, reports Tim Radford. A new study reveals that the scale of ice melt in the Arctic over the last few decades is new and unprecedented." (

8 July 2014
Changing Antarctic winds create new sea level threat
"Changes to Antarctic winds have already been linked to southern Australia's drying climate but now it appears they may also have a profound impact on warming ocean temperatures under the ice shelves along the coastline of West and East Antarctic." (Herald Sun, Australia)

8 July 2014
Researchers to map out climate change hazards in Nunavut community
"The community of Arviat could undergo a climate change analysis this summer so that researchers can map hazardous areas where shorelines are eroding and permafrost is melting." (Nunatsiaq Online, Canada)

7 July 2014
Warm water melting Antarctic ice
"Australian researchers have identified how warm water is increasingly pushing out cold water around Antarctica prompting further ice melt and greater sea level rise." (, Australia)

7 July 2014
Canada struggles with melting permafrost as climate warms
"Warming temperatures in the Great White North are melting important ice roads and heating waterways beyond optimal temperatures for some fish." (Scientific American)

6 July 2014
The history of the planet's biggest volcanic explosions--deep in the ice of Antarctica
"Scientists have been able to trace the history of volcanic eruptions over the last 2,000 years by analyzing deposits of sulphate dust in a series of ice cores drilled deep into the West Antarctic ice sheet." (, United Kingdom)

5 July 2014
Dark snow: from the Arctic to the Himalayas, the phenomenon that is accelerating glacier melting
"Industrial dust and soil, blown thousands of miles, settle on ice sheets and add to rising sea level threat." (The Guardian, United Kingdom)

2 July 2014
Area of lakes expands in Qinghai-Tibet plateau
"Due to global warming, glaciers in the region have shrunk by 15 percent in the past 30 years. Annual runoff from glaciers rose from 61.5 billion cubic meters to 79.5 billion cubic meters during the same period, which replenished the surface water, rivers and lakes." (, China)

1 July 2014
Melting glaciers heighten flood risks in Gilgit-Baltistan
"Soaring temperatures have intensified melting of glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan, leading to flooding of tributaries and rivers." (Dardistan Times, Pakistan)

30 June 2014
Unhappy feet: global warming threatens penguins
"Climate change, which is quickly melting the sea ice this species depends on for survival, could cause dramatic drops in the number of emperor penguins across Antarctica by the end of the century, a new study finds." (

27 June 2014
Tackling climate change one rock at a time
"Whitewashing a mountain in Peru, creating artificial glaciers in Ladakh and trying to hold back the ocean in the Maldives—some ingenious schemes to combat climate change are highlighted in Gaia Vince's latest book, Adventures In The Anthropocene." (The Guardian, United Kingdom)

26 June 2014
New book says Glacier National Park is losing glaciers
"One writer followed a U.S. Geological Survey research team in the Park for four summers and shares his tale in a new book." (

26 June 2014
Prehistoric Greenland ice melt led to 20-foot sea rise
"More than 400,000 years ago, the Greenland ice sheet collapsed, causing worldwide sea levels to rise between 13 and 20 feet, reports a new study." (

25 June 2014
Snow-covered mountains will become waterfalls
"Chilling scientific modeling shows how snow on mountaintops in the American West will be replaced with rain." (Pacific Standard Magazine)

25 June 2014
Study links Greenland Ice Sheet collapse, sea level rise 400,000 years ago
"A new study suggests that a warming period more than 400,000 years ago pushed the Greenland ice sheet past its stability threshold, resulting in a nearly complete deglaciation of southern Greenland and raising global sea levels some 4-6 meters." (Phys.Org)

23 June 2014
As frozen debris field slides toward Dalton Highway, state makes plans to move road
"A moving mass of frozen debris—about 80 feet deep, 600 feet wide, and a mile long—continues to inch downhill toward the highway, both winter and summer, sweeping away everything in its path." (Anchorage Daily News)

23 June 2014
Disruption on Manitoba rail line grows: now freight as well as passengers
"Omnitrax Canada says service from Gillam to Churchill has been out of service since Friday due to permafrost problems." (, Canada)

23 June 2014
Understanding the ocean's role in Greenland glacier melt
"Currently, scientists think that the accelerated rate of ice sheet melt might be due to warmer ocean waters melting on the underside of the ice, where the glaciers extend into the ocean." (Phys.Org)

23 June 2014
Swiss urge glacier hikers to look for artifacts
"In recent decades mountaineers have found everything from goat skin leggings in the Swiss Alps to a corpse in the melting ice of South Tyrol, each about 5,000 years old." (ABC News)

20 June 2014
Tibetan plateau glaciers have shrunk by 15 percent
"The decades-long study conducted by the official Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) discovered that the perennial frozen earth on the Tibetan plateau had also shrunk by 16 percent over the past 30 years. " (The Hindu, India)

20 June 2014
Number of Alaska glaciers is everchanging
"As it dies, Yakutat Glacier will increase the number of glaciers in Alaska. And it won't take long, said Martin Truffer of the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The glacier is melting so fast it is fragmenting into smaller bodies of ice." (Alaska Native News)

20 June 2014
National Geographic has to radically redraw parts of its atlas because of Arctic ice loss
"Geographers say the disappearing ice is "one of the most striking" changes in the history of the National Geographic Atlas of the World, which will release its 10th edition in September." (Time)

19 June 2014
Drones zero in on Himalayan glaciers
"Drones could be a cost-effective and accurate way of studying glaciers in inaccessible Himalayan mountains, deepening our understanding of the impacts of climate change." (

18 June 2014
Newfoundland and Labrador ready to lead Arctic oil exploration, premier says
"The land of frigid Junes and the land of Iceberg Alley is well prepared to take on the challenges of development in the Arctic." (Yahoo!News)

17 June 2014
Argentiere Glacier protection is back in place this summer
"The protective tarpaulins have been put back in place on a section of the Argentiere glacier for the fourth year running." (, France)

16 June 2014
Antarctic species dwindle as icebergs batter shores year-round
"Boulders on the shallow seabed—once encrusted with a rich assemblage of species in intense competition for limited space—now mostly support a single species. The climate-linked increase in iceberg activity has left all other species so rare as to be almost irrelevant." (

16 June 2014
Changing face of the frozen continent
"Two papers in particular drew a lot of attention and both came to a similar conclusion: that massive glaciers in West Antarctica have passed the point of no return." (Independent Online, South Africa)

15 June 2014
Frozen underworld discovered beneath Greenland Ice Sheet
"The previously unknown landscape, a vast expanse of warped shapes including some as tall as a Manhattan skyscraper, was found using ice-penetrating radar loaded aboard NASA survey flights." (The Guardian, United Kingdom)

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250-year-old eyewitness accounts of icier Arctic attest to loss of sea ice
Scientific American, 25 July 2014

Questions about the Antarctic sea ice extent, 24 July 2014

Study casts doubt on rate of Antarctic sea ice growth
Los Angeles Times, 24 July 2014

NHL jumps on the global warming bandwagon, 24 July 2014

Błąd w danych dotyczących lodu w Antarktyce (Poland), 23 July 2014

Researchers identify possible glitch in Antarctic ice measurements, 23 July 2014

Climate: Study sheds new light on Antarctic sea ice expansion
Summit County Citizens Voice, 23 July 2014

Error discovered in Antarctic sea-ice record
Nature, 22 July 2014

June 2014 was Earth's warmest on record as ocean temperatures surged
Washington Post, 21 July 2014

Global cooling? Ice coverage growing in Antarctica, 20 July 2014

Maglio: the irony of climate change predictions
Hernando Today, 17 July 2014

Polar bears and melting ice: three facts that may surprise you
USA Today, 16 July 2014

June was 6th warmest globally. The month brought raging wildfires, brutal temperatures, and melting in Greenland
Discover Magazine, 15 July 2014

Atlases reveal climate and weather impacts, 14 July 2014

Meteorologist: Cool temps, but no "polar vortex" headed to Iowa
Des Moines Register, 12 July 2014

NASA's Aquarius returns global maps of soil moisture, 11 July 2014

Arctic sea ice update and extent forecasts, 10 July 2014

Climate change ticking time bomb of methane under melting Arctic ice, 10 July 2014

Scientists release global maps of soil moisture, 8 July 2014

Created: global satellite maps of soil moisture, 8 July 2014

Antarctic ice levels belie climate change, 8 July 2014

Record Antarctic sea ice chills climate change projections, 8 July 2014

Climate science paper censored by American Meteorological Society journal, 8 July 2014

Antarctic wind patterns due to climate change are boosting sea levels, 8 July 2014

Factcheck: What's the significance of a record high in Antarctic sea ice?, 7 July 2014

Arctic sea ice extent below average for June: data center
Nunatsiaq News (Canada), 7 July 2014

Record growth in Antarctic sea ice continues, 6 July 2014

Antarctic ice continues to grow despite global warming theories, 6 July 2014

Global warming computer models confounded as Antarctic sea ice hits new record high with 2.1 million square miles more than is usual for time of year (United Kingdom), 5 July 2014

Global warming is creating more ice: Antarctic levels reach a record high because of climate change, scientists claim (United Kingdom), 4 July 2014

Despite climate change, Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week, 3 July 2014

Government scientists: Antarctic sea ice is growing—because of global warming, 3 July 2014

Arctic sea ice decline continues despite chillier June, 3 July 2014

The expedition to reach the "unconquered pole" and save the Arctic sea
National Geographic, 2 July 2014

Sea-ice melt moderate in early June but rapid at end of the month
Alaska Dispatch, 2 July 2014

Antarctic sea ice growing at record rate, 1 July 2014

Our inability to deal with climate change is going to kill the penguins, 30 June 2014

Antarctic sea ice hits a new record, 30 June 2014

The Arctic sea ice melt season is getting longer, 25 June 2014

Will 2014 be the hottest year ever?, 25 June 2014

World posted warmest May on record as oceans heat up, 23 June 2014

Dispelling myths and silently shaping progress: What consensus means to climate scientists, 23 June 2014

A sudden surge in melting seen atop Greenland's ice sheet
Discover, 20 June 2014

CORDIS Express: Research in the Arctic and Antarctic, 20 June 2014

How low will Arctic sea ice go?, 16 June 2014

Climate: Arctic sea ice third-lowest on record for May
Summit County Citizen's Voice, 15 June 2014

Climate change deniers should check facts, 15 June 2014

M.D. Harmon: Warming enthusiasts need to face some inconvenient truths
Portland Press Herald, 13 June 2014

Arctic sea ice melts normally in May as Antarctic sets record, 11 June 2014

NASA scientist says Arctic sea ice could disappear in this century; should we care?, 11 June 2014

May 2014 satellite measured temperatures and sea ice, 11 June 2014

Arctic sea ice loss prompts biggest change to maps "since breakup of USSR", 11 June 2014

Arctic sea ice in steep decline (United Kingdom), 11 June 2014

Putting ice loss on the map, 10 June 2014

So much Arctic ice has melted that we need a new atlas, 10 June 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:

Dust in the wind could speed Greenland's melt, 8 June 2014

Michael Helfert, guest columnist: Not all polar ice is created equal, 7 June 2014

Climate change is getting worse. So why is Antarctica's sea ice expanding
The Washington Post, 6 June 2014

Arctic sea ice melts normally in May as Antarctic sets record, 6 June 2014

Arctic ice in steep decline, 5 June 2014

Pentagon wrestles with bogus climate warnings as funds shifted to green agenda
The Washington Times, 1 June 2014

Greenland summer thaw: Will it be a big melt?
Discovery News, 30 May 2014

Ocean waves contribute to Antarctic ice break-up and melting in especially stormy areas, new study finds
University Herald, 29 May 2014

Ocean waves influence polar ice extent
BBC News (United Kingdom), 29 May 2014

Greenland summer thaw: will it be a big melt?, 28 May 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:
Discovery News

Big waves bust up sea ice, may be playing role in melt, 28 May 2014

The melting isn't glacial, 27 May 2014

UFO video shows object hovering over an iceberg, 27 May 2014

Marco Rubio says surface temperatures on Earth "have stabilized", 27 May 2014

Glacial thaw latest sign Earth at tipping point
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 24 May 2014

Climate alarmists ridiculed amid record cold year across U.S.
The New American, 23 May 2014

Weird winter: Is the Pacific to blame?
National Geographic, 22 May 2014

My 1975 "Cooling World" story doesn't make today's climate scientists wrong, 21 May 2014

Global warming is melting and burning the planet, 21 May 2014

Record warm April . . . and most Antarctic ice
USA Today, 20 May 2014

Antarctic ice sheet melting faster than believed, new study finds (Canada), 20 May 2014

Global warming: Antarctica thaws fast, melting a whopping 159 billion tons of ice annually
International Business Times, 20 May 2014

European satellite proves Antarctic ice loss gone up twofold, 20 May 2014

April global temperatures tie 2010 all-time highest: NOAA, 20 May 2014

Tracking El Niño, among other things, 20 May 2014

The big melt accelerates
The New York Times, 19 May 2014

Ice is nice XI, 19 May 2014

The climate change fundamentalists, 19 May 2014

New study suggests Antarctic glacier melting may be irreversible, 18 May 2014

NASA research indicates slow, irreversible West Antarctic ice melt, 16 May 2014

Arctic sea ice extent below average for April
Nunatsiaq Online, 15 May 2014

How low will the Arctic's summer sea ice go?
Scientific American, 15 May 2014

Hundreds attend second annual polar day
Pennsylvania State University, 15 May 2014

We're "in" global warming now
Discover Magazine, 14 May 2014

Sea ice: Antarctic record versus below average Arctic, 14 May 2014

Fears over melting Antarctic ice, 13 May 2014

NASA spots worrisome Antarctic ice sheet melt, 13 May 2014

How low will summer sea ice go? Ponds may hold key, 13 May 2014

NASA data reveals west Antarctic ice sheet is melting at an "unstoppable" speed
Daily Mail (United Kingdom)

NASA spots worrisome melt, 13 May 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:

Fears over melting Antarctic ice
Irish Examiner, 13 May 2014

The Antarctic ice: the other side, 13 May 2014

Opinion: Keeping ice sheet "collapse" in perspective
National Geographic, 13 May 2014

Antarctic ice melting faster than predicted
Columbia Daily Tribune, 13 May 2014

Ice sheet melt to cause unstoppable sea level rise
New Zealand Herald, 13 May 2014

West Antarctic ice sheets melting faster than previously believed; two new studies suggest
University Herald, 12 May 2014

Are you ready for more floods and wildfires?
The Colorado Independent, 12 May 2014

Global cooling: Antarctic sea ice continues to break records
The Daily Caller, 12 May 2014

Antarctic sea ice at record levels, 12 May 2014

Antarctic sea ice at record levels
The Australian, 12 May 2014

NASA spots worrisome Antarctic ice sheet melt, 12 May 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:
Norfolk Daily News

Weather and climate: What's the difference?
Discovery News, 9 May 2014

National Climate Assessment Report, 8 May 2014

Arctic spring melt offers insight into fall's sea-ice extent
Nunatsiaq Online (Canada), 7 May 2014

Scientists complete first-ever global inventory of glaciers, 7 May 2014

U.S. climate report says global warming impact already severe
Washington Post, 6 May 2014

International team maps nearly 200,000 glaciers in quest of sea-level rise estimates
University of Colorado Boulder, 6 May 2014

Earth could warm 11 degrees by 2100: U.S. climate assessment
Environment News Service, 6 May 2014

Boulder scientists play key role in documenting climate change in U.S.
Daily Camera, 6 May 2014

How is the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice doing this year?, 6 May 2014

East Antarctic melting could raise sea levels by 10 to 13 feet, study finds, 5 May 2014

Global warming threatens "unstoppable" sea level rise, 12 May 2014

Climate change warming up business in the Arctic, 4 May 2014

NASA scientist: global warming is nonsense, 1 May 2014

As research data balloons, how to share?, 30 April 2014

We're not ready for the changes we're causing in the Arctic, scientist says, 28 April 2014

Arctic ice cover at fifth lowest annual maximum, 23 April 2014

Arctic and Antarctica ice (New Zealand), 29 April 2014

NOAA: warm streak continues, 23 April 2014

Last month was the fourth-hottest March on record, 23 April 2014

Good news for Earth Day, 22 April 2014

Arctic sea ice maximum in 2014 fifth lowest on record, 21 April 2014

Arctic sea ice update: The melt is on, how low will it go?, 21 April 2014

Penn State to host polar day
Pennsylvania State University, 18 April 2014

Arctic sea ice reaches 5th lowest maximum
Petroleum News, 13 April 2014

Global warming? Blue whales crushed to death by heavy Arctic sea ice, 11 April 2014

Arctic ice: yearly maximum reached, now the melt is on, 11 April 2014

Arctic winter sea ice still in decline: fifth-lowest ever, 11 April 2014

Rise in Arctic multi-year sea ice from 2013-2014, 10 April 2014

2014 Arctic ice limit fifth-lowest on record, 9 April 2014

Arctic sea ice thins as old thick ice rapidly disappears, 8 April 2014

Early springs surprise many species, 8 April 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:

Arctic sea ice peak is 5th lowest on record, 7 April 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:
Fox News

Report: This winter's maximum extent of Arctic sea ice fifth lowest
Colorado Daily, 7 April 2014

Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming
Astrobiology Magazine, 7 April 2014

Unfrozen: Polar ice sheet retreats again
International Business Times, 5 April 2014

The melting Arctic
Environmental News Network, 5 April 2014

Arctic sea ice is shrinking, 5th lowest
Northern Voices Online, 5 April 2014

Arctic ice cover maximum is fifth-lowest on record
Tech Times, 5 April 2014

Arctic sea ice, past its winter peak, sends mixed messages about how rapidly it's melting
Alaska Dispatch, 5 April 2014

Ghiacci artici al quinto livello "più basso" dal 1978 (Switzerland), 4 April 2014

Who owns the North Pole? Debate heats up as climate change transforms Arctic, 4 April 2014

Arctic sea ice continues "death spiral", 4 April 2014

A Slushy Vortex (plowable pile early - travel improves this afternoon), 4 April 2014

Arctic sea ice tops out a fifth lowest on record
Discovery News, 3 April 2014

Arctic sea ice cover was fifth-smallest on record this year, 3 April 2014

Arctic's winter ice peaks at fifth-smallest extent on record, 3 April 2014

Arctic sea ice peak falls to fifth lowest level on record, 3 April 2014

Arctic sea ice reaches season's maximum extent, 3 April 2014

Arctic melt season lengthening, NASA says, 3 April 2014

NSIDC reports multiyear Arctic sea ice growth, 3 April 2014

River ice reveals new twist on Arctic melt
Phys.Org, 2 April 2014

Arctic ice hits yearly max, but summer's melt uncertain, 2 April 2014

La temporada de deshielo en el Ártico aumenta cinco días por década, 2 April 2014

Arctic melting is lasting longer and affecting more ice: study, 2 April 2014

Noordpool smelt jaarlijks 15 dagen langer dan 30 jaar geleden (Belgium), 2 April 2014

Aumenta nell'Artico la stagione del disgelo (Italy), 2 April 2014

Arctic sea ice falls to fifth lowest level on record
The Guardian (United Kingdom), 2 April 2014

El deshielo en el Ártico se alarga cinco días cada década (Spain), 2 April 2014

Temporada de deshielo en el Ártico se alarga cinco días cada década (Cuba), 1 April 2014

Forecasts of Arctic's summer ice coverage not yet reliable: study
Nunatsiaq Online (Canada), 1 April 2014

Ghiacci Artici in rapida fusione, uno studio rivela i motivi (Italy), 1 April 2014

Videonoticia: La temporada de deshielo en el Ártico se alarga cinco días cada década, 1 April 2014

Do końca obecnego stulecia Arktyka może pozbyć się pokrywy lodowej (Poland), 1 April 2014

NSIDC, NASA say Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming, 1 April 2014

NASA study finds Arctic melt is now 15 days longer than 30 years ago
Environmental News Network, 1 April 2014

NASA researchers and National Snow and Ice Data Center reports melting season in Arctic lasting longer, 1 April 2014

A Nemzeti Hó és Jég Adatkőzpont aggasztó hírei (Hungary), 1 April 2014

Study says Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming
Phys.Org, 31 March 2014

Sea ice in Arctic melting for longer periods over last four decades, 31 March 2014

NSIDC, NASA say Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming, 31 March 2014

Study: forecasts for summer Arctic sea ice lack reliability
Alaska Public Radio, 31 March 2014
This item also appeared in the following source:

Es verano ártico cada vez más largo (Mexico), 31 March 2014

Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, study says, 31 March 2014

NSIDC, NASA say Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming, 31 March 2014

Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, 30 March 2014

Food and water wars (United Kingdom), 30 March 2014

Thawing permafrost reveals undiscovered viruses, 30 March 2014

Global warming: top evidence that is is real, 29 March 2014

Norway agency wants to halt oil industry's march north, 28 March 2014

Pack artico: i ghiacci del Polo Nord hanno raggiunto il massimo stagionale (Italy), 28 March 2014

Boulder scientist's study shows holes in Arctic ice melt predictions, 27 March 2014
This item also appeared in the following sources:
Colorado Daily

Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast
Phys.Org, 27 March 2014

Numbers unsettling
Leader-Telegram, 27 March 2014

Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, study says, 27 March 2014

Seasonal Arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, study says, 27 March 2014

Has the Arctic sea ice extent peaked for the year, 26 March 2014

It's been exactly 29 years since Earth had a colder-than-average month, 19 March 2014

Obama launches climate change database website to help communities cope
Indian Country Today, 19 March 2014

In topsy-turvy 'polar vortex' winter, ice sparse in Arctic, abundant in Great Lakes
Alaska Dispatch, 16 March 2014

Arctic at its warmest for 40,000 years, 10 March 2014

Arctic melt speeding up, 10 March 2014

February Arctic sea ice extent fourth lowest since 1979
Nunatsiaq News Online (Canada), 10 March 2014

New data confirm Arctic sea ice trends: Sea ice being lost at a rate of five days per decade
Science 2.0, 9 March 2014

Coraz więcej dni wolnych od lodu (Poland), 6 March 2014

Arctic sea ice extent decline continued in February, 6 March 2014

Confirman que la temporada de deshielo en el Océano Ártico dura cada vez más, 6 March 2014

Snowed in and iced over: North America and U.S. about as frozen as ever so late in winter
The Washington Post Capital Weather Gang, 5 March 2014

Climate change: Global warming causing Arctic melt season to increase by five days every decade
International Business Times, 5 March 2014

Arctic sea ice is being lost at a rate of five days every ten years, 5 March 2014

Our melting Arctic: Sea ice cover declining at five days per decade, 5 March 2014:
This item also appeared in the following source:

Naukowcy: morski lód topnieje w zastraszającym tempie (Poland), 5 March 2014

Satellite data confirms growing Arctic melt season, 5 March 2014

Arctic sea ice season shortening by five days per decade, 4 March 2014

Avalanche dangers: How to prevent one, protect yourself from being buried alive, 3 March 2014

Correcting data on climate change
Las Vegas Sun, 2 March 2014

Central Minnesota observers help watch weather changes
St. Cloud Times, 1 March 2014

Már nem a régi a sarkkőri jégtakaró (Hungary), 1 March 2014

So far, this year has been one of extreme heat, cold, and rain across the globe, 1 March 2014

Blame a warm Arctic for this year's miserable winter, 27 February 2014

World begins 2014 with unusual number of extreme weather events
The Guardian (United Kingdom), 25 February 2014
This item also appeared in the following sources:,, Kitsap Sun, The Oregonian

Polar vortex and a frigid February
CBS Boston, 24 February 2014

Ghiacci marini, Artide ed Antartide: la situazione (Italy), 24 February 2014

Le réchauffement arctique modifierait le climat en Amérique du Nord et en Europe
Libération (Morocco), 24 February 2014

El calentamiento ártico puede modificar el clima de Europa y Norteamérica (Uruguay), 23 February 2014

Ted Cruz joins global warming debate, 23 February 2014

Arktis-Eis noch schneller weg als befürchtet, 22 February 2014

Ártico se oscurece
La Prensa (Nicaragua), 21 February 2014

Why we can blame a warm Arctic for this winter's icy chill
Smithsonian Magazine, 21 February 2014

Tall snowbanks—clear and present danger, 21 February 2014

Bad weather to last longer under climate change: study, 21 February 2014

Pronóstico extendido de clima helado (Puerto Rico), 20 February 2014

Even in perpetual darkness, Arctic sea ice coverage drops to record lows, 20 February 2014
This item also appeared in the following source: (Australia)

Videos: The coldest place on Earth and an Antarctic condition 1 storm, 20 February 2014

Biegun północny coraz szybciej się topi (Poland), 20 February 2014

Arctic sea ice sits at record low for mid-February, 19 February 2014

Aquecimento no Ártico pode alterar clima de Europa e América do Norte
Estado de Minas (Brazil), 19 February 2014

Sick of winter? Blame "Santa's revenge"
Hamilton Spectator, 19 February 2014

Calentamiento global prolonga duración de fenómenos meteorológicos (Mexico), 18 February 2014

Canada's Arctic ice caps melting rapidly since 2005, according to documents
The Vancouver Sun (Canada), 18 February 2014
This item also appeared in the following sources:
Calgary Herald (Canada), and

El deshielo del Árctico y los efectos en el clima
El Comercio (Peru), 18 February 2014

Change in jet stream could mean longer, harsher winters
United Press International, 18 February 2014

Melting ice makes the Arctic a much worse heat-magnet than scientists feared, 18 February 2014

Watch sixteen years of Arctic ice melt away in a stunning video, 18 February 2014

La fonte de la banquise affecte le climat (France), 18 February 2014

Arctic is getting darker, absorbing more heat, study finds, 18 February 2014

Scientist suggest direct link between temperature and speed of jet streams (South Africa), 17 February 2014

Warming from Arctic sea ice melting more dramatic than thought, 17 February 2014

El Cambio climático azota el mundo (Spain), 17 February 2014

Jet stream shift 'could prompt harsher winters', 17 February 2014

Al Gore's global-warming rhetoric is put on ice
New York Post, 17 February 2014

Colder U.S. winters due to shifting polar jet stream: study, 17 February 2014

Za současný chaos v počasí ve světě může Santova pomsta (Czech Republic), 17 February 2014

Is the jet stream changing directions? Meandering air flow could lead to longer, harsher winters
Daily Mail Online (United Kingdom), 17 February 2014

Warming Arctic may be causing jet stream to lose its way, 17 February 2014

Syy maailman outoon säähän selviämässä: suihkuvirtaus alkoi mutkitella
Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), 16 February 2014

Brutal winter caused by changing jet stream, scientists say warming Arctic temperatures to blame
International Business Times, 16 February 2014

Prúdenie v atmosfére sa mení, počasie môže byť divoké
Tech.SME.SK (Slovak Republic), 16 February 2014

Hating winter? Blame the weaker jet stream, 16 February 2014

Wavier jet stream may drive weather shift
BBC News (United Kingdom), 15 February 2014

Searchable sea ice atlas holds 160 years of information
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 14 February 2014

Arctic sea ice melt season getting longer, 14 February 2014

New Arctic research project gives "holistic view" of changing environment, 13 February 2014

NASA-USGS Landsat 8 satellite celebrates first year of success, 12 February 2014

Arctic ice and the polar vortex, 11 February 2014

Arctic sea ice extent and volume update, 7 February 2014

NSIDC: Arctic sea ice extent this January well below long-term average
Nunatsiaq News Online (Canada), 6 February 2014

Latest data shows Arctic sea ice volume has increased, 5 February 2014

Google doodle marks coldest day in Canada (Canada), 3 February 2014

Arctic warming caused by heat trapped in the Atmosphere, 3 February 2014

Arctic ice fighting losing battle against global warming, new studies show, 3 February 2014

Want to cut Arctic warming in half? Curb emissions now, study says
Los Angeles Times, 31 January 2014

Mike Alger: Avalanches threaten explorers
Reno Gazette Journal, 31 January 2014

Ice is Nice X
Seattle Post Intelligencer, 31 January 2014

Variações de temperatura no Atlântico Norte influenciam clima na Antártica
El País (Brazil), 29 January 2014
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El País (Spain)

NASA tech to reveal ice melting impact on climate
Oman Daily Observer, 29 January 2014

Expect to hear more about this polar vortex in the future, 29 January 2014

You think it's chilly here: World has new record low for cold temperatures, 27 January 2014

How climate change impacts indigenous communities, 27 January 2014

Warming debate continues—This scientist has no doubt about it: skeptics just wrong, 25 January 2014

Winter weather tip sheet
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 22 January 2014
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Pause due to internal variability and pollution, 21 January 2014

Loss of Arctic ice leads to drought in California
The San Luis Obispo Tribune, 18 January 2014

Chain reaction caused massive Antarctic ice shelf collapse, 15 January 2014
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Mother Nature Network

Il gigantesco ghiacciaio antartico di Pine Island in scioglimento irreversibile (Italy), 14 January 2014

Arctic ice growing slower than average so far this winter
Alaska Dispatch, 14 January 2014

Global warming: the conversation we need to have, 14 January 2014

Pine Island Glacier committed to "irreversible" decline, 13 January 2014

Und glücklich schnarrt der Pinguin
Basler Zeitung (Switzerland), 10 January 2014

Sea ice update, 10 January 2014

Limbaugh: 'Polar vortex' is made up, yet still proof the ice caps aren't melting
Tampa Bay Times Pundit Fact, 10 January 2014

Inilah Enam Lokasi Paling Dingin di Bumi (Indonesia), 8 January 2014

U.S. cold snap fuels climate debate
Nature, 8 January 2014

December sea ice: Antarctic up, Arctic above minimum, 8 January 2014

Where are the coldest places on Earth?
Herald Sun (Australia), 8 January 2014

Five things that are colder than Dayton
Dayton Daily News, 7 January 2014

Freezing cold, go back to the Arctic where you belong!, 7 January 2014

Elsevier and IEDA announce winner of 2013 data rescue competition for Earth Sciences
The Wall Street Journal, 7 January 2014

El lugar más frío del mundo (Honduras), 6 January 2014

So what exactly is a polar vortex?
The Buffalo News, 6 January 2014

Seattle-based ship and crew on rescue mission to Antarctica, 6 January 2014

Is the record cold Arctic outbreak tied to global warming?
The Weather Channel, 6 January 2014

Jim Krumel: a few cold facts for a cold day, 5 January 2014

Five coldest places on planet revealed
International Business Times (United Kingdom), 5 January 2014

Midwest's bitter cold just a walk in the park—in Antarctica, 5 January 2014

Continua il boom dei ghiacci dell'Antartide, navigazione sui mari australi sempre più insidiosa per iceberg e venti "catabatici" violenti, 4 January 2014

The future is more Hercules, less snow, 4 January 2014

Calentamiento globo o nueva glaciación (Nicaragua), 2 January 2014

Five cold, hard facts about the cold
Detroit Free Press, 2 January 2014

An icy blast of skepticism
The Australian, 2 January 2014

U.S. far from lead as nations vie for clout in Arctic
The Weather Channel, 1 January 2014

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