International Polar Year Data Management Workshop

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Final Report

Final workshop report, 1 June 2006: Glaciological Data Report 33 (PDF, 896 KB). Please send comments to Mark Parsons


Before IPY:

March 2007- March 2008—first field phase:

March 2008- March 2009—second field phase:

After IPY:

Action Items

Who Due Date Status Task
Pulsifer, Cooper ASAP Closed Draft architecture diagram
Chen, Berkman 17 April Closed Propose session for CODATA06 on developing a Knowledge Integration experiement (AADC and NSIDC expressed interest in participating)
Chen, Uhlir 17 Apr Ongoing Propose session to CODATA06 related to the Science Information Commons
Parsons et al. ASAP Open Develop funding prospectus
Parsons Early April Closed Create web site with presentations, etc.
DMSC/ICSU ASAP Open develop data management brochure based on PAA
DMSC/others Ongoing Ongoing Work with publishers to require data citation and archiving
Obs Subcommittee ASAP Open Negotiate with relevant national centers and the WMO for free access to synoptic weather observations and model output
TBD ASAP Closed Coordinate with the Marine Metdata Initiative
All Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing follow up from the meeting and data management outreach

Breakout Sessions

Each breakout group was to clearly define the issues for their assigned topic, and develop recommendations to pursue. Breakout session leaders are requested to submit their documents outlining discussions, conclusions, and recommendations to Mark Parsons for posting here.

The Proposed Data and Information Service, some key issues, and charge to the breakout groups (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.9 MB) -- Mark Parsons


Breakout sessions, Part I:

1. What standards should IPY adopt and what are appropriate methods to encourage adoption—include metadata, doc., data formats, transfer protocols, etc.
Session leader: Paul Cooper (Microsoft PowerPoint, 36 KB)

2. Managed access to data, especially social data, including consideration of working with CODATA on their Global Information Commons for Science initiative.
Session leader: Paul Uhlir

(Microsoft PowerPoint 36 KB)
3. Determining archives and “affinity centers”, relationships to the other Geoscience Years.
Session leader: Vladimir Papitashvili


Breakout sessions, Part II:

1. Methods for data discovery—how might a portal work.
Session leader: Paul Berkman (Microsoft PowerPoint 264 KB)

2. Data and publication submission processes—carrots and sticks.
Session leader: Jim Moore (Microsoft PowerPoint 48 KB)

3. Semantics — ontologies, taxonomies, and language issues.
Session leader: Heather Lane (Microsoft PowerPoint 36 KB)

Group Discussions

DIS Governance

Given the results of the breakout sessions, how can the overall DIS manage itself? For example, should there be a steering committee, technical working groups, etc? How might eGY help? Does CODATA have a role?
Discussion moderator: Mark Parsons