International Polar Year Data Management Workshop

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NSIDC and the IPY Programme Office hosted a data management workshop at the the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, England, 3-4 March 2006


This workshop followed the first meeting of the IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee and was intended to begin developing an implementation plan for the IPY Data and Information Service (DIS) described in the IPY Framework Document (PDF, 704 KB). The results of the workshop and plans for future efforts related to the IPYDIS are presented here.


Over forty participants (PDF, 35K) from thirteen countries participated in the workshop.

Agenda and Presentations

Click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations.

Friday, 3 March 2006

8:30 Welcome
Roger Barry (or Mark Parsons)
8:35 Overview of IPY
Some examples of existing and developing data management approaches. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but just some examples specifically related to IPY that can report on lessons from the past (where appropriate) and ideas for a way forward. One goal of IPY will be to link these and other existing data management entities
David Carlson
8:55 JCADM SCAR/COMNAP (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.3 MB)
Taco de Bruin
9:10 The Arctic Portal
Halldór Jóhannsson
9:25 Several projects incorporating social science data (Microsoft PowerPoint, 148 KB)
Birger Poppel
9:40 The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (Microsoft PowerPoint, 4.8 MB)
Falk Huettmann
9:55 The GEOSS approach (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.7 MB)
Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa
10:10 Tea Break
10:30 IODE, POGO, Southern Ocean database (Microsoft PowerPoint, 147 KB)
Taco de Bruin
10:45 The Canadian Cryospheric Information Network (one country’s approach) (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.3 MB)
Ellsworth LeDrew
11:00 The WDCs
Roger Barry
11:15 Earth Space Agency Earth Observation data in support to IPY (Microsoft PowerPoint, 18.2 MB)
This talk will provide an overview of how ESA can contribute to IPY, notably through Envisat data. ESA data access policies will also be clarified.
Henri Laur
11:30 Standards and interoperability (Microsoft PowerPoint, 295 KB)
A report on recent developments in the Open Geospatial Consortium and the International Standards Organization that could have bearing on IPY data management
Paul Cooper
11:50 Lunch
13:00 The ICSU Program Area Assessment on Scientific Data and Information (Microsoft PowerPoint, 80 KB)
A summary of the report and what ICSU is doing in response, including comments on the future of WDCs and other ICSU data management organizations (Visit the ICSU in Science for more information)
Carthage Smith
13:20 Report from the IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee (Microsoft PowerPoint, 87.5 KB)
Taco de Bruin
13:40 The Proposed Data and Information Service, some key issues, and charge to the breakout groups (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.9 MB)
Mark Parsons
14:00 Breakout sessions, Part I:
The goals are to clearly define the issues and develop recommendations to pursue. After meeting for approximately 90 minutes, each session will report to the larger group, receive feedback, and then reconvene to refine their recommendations. The following three topics are discussed:
1. What standards should IPY adopt and what are appropriate methods to encourage adoption—include metadata, doc., data formats, transfer protocols, etc.
Session leader: Paul Cooper (Microsoft PowerPoint, 295 KB)
2. Managed access to data, especially social data, including consideration of working with CODATA on their Global Information Commons for Science initiative.
Session leader: Paul Uhlir
3. Determining archives and “affinity centers”, relationships to the other Geoscience Years.
Session leader: Vladimir Papitashvili
15:30 Tea Break
15:45 Breakout session reports – 15 min each
16:30 Breakout sessions reconvene and finalize recommendations
17:30 Adjourn

Saturday, 4 March 2006

8:30 Final reports from Breakout Sessions I – 10 min each
9:00 Breakout sessions, Part II:
1. Methods for data discovery—how might a portal work.
Session leader: Paul Berkman
2. Data and publication submission processes—carrots and sticks.
Session leader: Jim Moore
3. Semantics — ontologies, taxonomies, and language issues.
Session leader: Heather Lane
10:30 Tea Break
10:45 Breakout session reports – 15 min each
11:30 Breakout sessions reconvene and finalize recommendations
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Final reports from Breakout Sessions II – 10 min each
14:00 Group Discussions – DIS Governance
Given the results of the breakout sessions, how can the overall DIS manage itself? For example, should there be a steering committee, technical working groups, etc? How might eGY help? Does CODATA have a role?
Discussion moderator: Mark Parsons
14:30 Tea break
14:45 Discussion: Wrap up and the way forward
Summary of the workshop results and discussion on way to move forward to solicit broad community buy in. What are the reporting mechanisms and venues? What elements of the DIS are funded? How can we get support from government and industry? What cooperation is necessary with the other Geoscience years? etc.
Discussion leader: Mark Parsons
16:00 Adjourn