International Polar Year Data Management Workshop

NSIDC and the IPY Programme Office hosted a data management workshop at the the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, England 3-4 March 2006

More than forty participants from thirteen countries participated in the workshop. It followed the first meeting of the IPY Data Policy and Management Subcommittee and was intended to begin developing an implementation plan for the IPY Data and Information Service (DIS) described in the IPY Framework Document (

This site presents a general overview of the meeting including an annotated agenda and the initial results of the meeting including the final report, specific action items, and a proposed time line for DIS implementtion . The ultimate success of the workshop will depend on active follow up by the participants to engage the scientific and data management community. We request that participants and IPYDIS partners submit reports on any follow up activities to Mark Parsons for posting. 

A final workshop report, Glaciological Data Report 33 (PDF, 896 KB) is now available.