International Polar Year Data Management Workshop

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Follow Up

Follow Up


We have identified these follow up discussions. Please submit additional meetings and outreach to Mark Parsons for posting here.

  • Mark Parsons presented results (Microsft PowerPoint, 1.7MB) and solicted cooperation at a work shop of the electronic Geophysical Year (eGY) meeting, 13-14 March 2006
    • Emily Cobabe-Ammann is producing a brochure to illustrate eGY principles. This should help IPY promote data management as well.
    • eGY is proposing a session at the Beijing CODATA06 meeting to develop an experiment on data integration and knowledge discovery. IPY will participate in this session and this will help address the recomendation that the IPYDIS should develop some innovative data management prototypes.
  • Mark Parsons presented (PDF, 13.1 MB) at European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna 4 Apr 2006
  • Mark Parsons hosted a town hall meeting (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1.4 MB) for science community feedback at EGU, 5 Apr 2006
  • Heather Lane presented the results of the Workshop at the Polar Libraries Colloquy in Rome, May 2006.
  • Mark Parsons presented (PDF, 7.7 MB) at a workshop on Antarctic Peninsula Climate Variability: Observations, Models, and Plans for IPY Research, in Boulder, May 2006.
  • Mark Parsons presented (PDF, 9 MB) at American Geophysical Union Joint Assembly in Baltimore, Maryland, May 2006
  • Taco de Bruin to present at the SCAR/CoMNAP Conference, Hobart 9-19 July 2006
  • Mark Parsons to present at IGARSS, Denver 31 July - 4 Aug.
  • Mark Parsons to present at the Asian International Conference on Permafrost, Lanzhou China 7-9 August
  • Mark Parsons submitted a proposal to host a session entitled entitled "The International Polar Year—an opportunity for innovation in international data exchange and interdisciplinary science" at CODATA'06, 22-25 October 2006, Beijing, China.

Groups and Committees

The IPY Knowledge Organization Group (IKOG) serves as a focal point for efforts aimed at achieving semantic interoperability within the IPY and seeks to advance methods for interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. For more information contact Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa

The IPY Data Committee has formed an ad hoc outreach task force. For more information contact Taco de Bruin.

Taco de Bruin has joined the Steering Committee of the Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) project, and will act as a liaison between MMI and the IPYDIS.

Please submit info to Mark Parsons.


Please submit publications to Mark Parsons.