EOS Snow and Ice Workshop

Workshop on EOS Snow and Ice Products

16-17 November 2004
Raytheon Building, Landover, MD

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Agenda and Presentations

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Tuesday, November 16

8:00 Registration
8:45 Welcome and Logistics
Dorothy Hall and Marilyn Kaminski
9:00 Welcome from NASA Headquarters
Waleed Abdalati
9:10 Welcome from NASA Headquarters
Jared Entin
9:20 Accessing EOS Cryospheric Products at NSIDC (Microsoft PowerPoint, 554 KB)
Marilyn Kaminski
9:40 MODIS Snow Products: Validation and Enhancements (Microsoft PowerPoint, 31 MB)
Dorothy Hall
10:05 Break
11:15 MODIS Calibration, Geolocation, and Land Production (Microsoft PowerPoint, 7 MB)
Robert Wolfe
11:30 AMSR Snow Products (Microsoft PowerPoint, 45 MB)
Richard Kelly
11:55 Lunch
1:30 Panel 1: Modeling "Snow in Climate Models"
Followed by a panel discussion on using snow products in models.
Discussion leader: Robert Dickinson, Invited (Microsoft PowerPoint, 656 KB)
Panel members: Mike Bosilovich, Chris Derksen (Microsoft PowerPoint, 1 MB), Tom Painter, Marc Stieglitz, and Chaojiao Sun (Microsoft PowerPoint, 376 KB)
2:40 ICESat (Microsoft PowerPoint, 35 MB)
Jay Zwally
3:00 ICESat Products (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2.5 MB)
Dave Hancock
3:15 Break
4:00 Panel 2: Data Fusion "Blended Snow Mapping"
Followed by a panel discussion on data fusion.
Discussion leader: Dave Robinson, invited (Microsoft PowerPoint, 5 MB)
Panel members: Richard Armstrong (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2 MB), Seiji Kato (Microsoft PowerPoint, 127 KB), Vince Salomonson (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2 MB), Anne Walker (Microsoft PowerPoint, 2 MB)
5:00 Adjourn

Wednesday, November 17

8:30 Coffee
8:55 Announcements
9:00 NASA's Approach to Understanding Ice Sheets (Microsoft PowerPoint, 23 MB)
Waleed Abdalati, invited
9:20 AMSR-E Sea Ice Products (Microsoft PowerPoint, 10 MB)
Thorsten Markus
9:45 MODIS Sea Ice Products and Validation (Microsoft PowerPoint, 6 MB)
George Riggs
10:05 Break
11:00 Panel 3: Sea Ice - "Sea Ice Remote Sensing in the NPOESS Era: A Glance at the Past - the Challenge for the Future"
followed by a panel discussion on EOS and sea ice data for modeling, operational use, and data fusion
Discussion leader: Mike Van Woert, invited(Microsoft PowerPoint, 6 MB)
Panel members: Bob Grumbine, Thorsten Markus, Walt Meier (Microsoft PowerPoint, 885 MB)
12:00 Lunch
1:30 MODIS BRDF/Albedo Products from Snow-Covered Land (Microsoft PowerPoint, 8 MB)
Crystal Schaaf
1:55 Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) (Microsoft PowerPoint, 10 MB)
Richard Armstrong
2:20 Landsat Data Acquisition Plan for Antarctica (Microsoft PowerPoint, 3 MB)
Patricia Vornberger
2:40 General Discussion
Workshop Report for EOS, Special Issue, Other topics
3:30 Adjourn


NSIDC and GDAAC demonstrations
Data Access Through EDG, Data Pool, SNOWI, and WHOM
End-User Tools for Subsetting, Data Analysis, and Visualization

ICESat Data Visualization Software Demo

Snow Cover Animation
Dorothy Hall

Sea ice Animations
Tom Agnew, Don Cavalieri, Walt Meier