NSIDC 30th Anniversary Seminar
25 October 2006


NSIDC will host a one day seminar on 25 October 2006 to celebrate 30 years of the WDC for Glaciology, Boulder, and to acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Stan Wilson to the NASA Polar Oceanography Program, the DAACs, and their predecessor Pilot Data Systems. The agenda consists of four themes, with speakers and scientists involved in the development of the NASA Polar Oceans Program and the Boulder WDC. The four themes are as follows:

  • The introduction of satellite remote sensing to snow and ice monitoring
  • Glacier monitoring from field photography to space sensors
  • From the International Geophysical Year (1957) to the International Polar Year (2007)
  • The evolution of Data Systems and future challenges: From paper collections, to PODS/NODS to DAACs.

The NSIDC DAAC User Working Group (PoDAG) will meet immediately following the workshop on Thursday and Friday of the same week. For more information, please contact Ron Weaver (weaverr (at) nsidc.org) or Cindy Brekke (brekke (at) nsidc.org).

Schedule of Talks
Register for the Seminar

Deadline for registration is COB 11 October 2006. Please register so we have an accurate count for seating and lunch. A catered lunch will be available for a nominal charge. A lunch speaker is planned.

Seminar Logistics

Talks will be held in ARC Building (RL-3) Rm 620. For location details, visit the University of Colorado Web site to view the University of Colorado Campus Map.

Parking permits will be available for purchase for the EC lot . Cost is $5.50.

For those interested in taking the bus you can use the Stampede which stops directly in front of the ARC building.

For an up-to-date bus schedule including routes please see Go Boulder or Denver RTD.


Dr. Roger G. Barry, NSIDC Director