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Polar Information Commons (PIC) Rights Badging Tool

Welcome to the Polar Information Commons (PIC) Rights Badging Tool. This tool allows you to use the Creative Commons tools to create a graphic badge. This badge asserts that digital content is available in the Polar Information Commons (PIC) with minimal restrictions and in adherence with community guidelines or norms of behavior for ethical data sharing.

Launch the application if you are a return user, or read below for a quick introduction to what it can do for you.

Polar Information Commons Rights and Badging API

The badging tool uses the PIC API to help you create badges for your data. See the Polar Information Commons Rights and Badging API guide for more information.

Open Sharing of Data

Open data is a central tenet of the International Council of Science, the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), and the Polar Information Commons. Open data help us understand and predict rapid polar change and help ensure wise management of resources, improved decision support, and effective international cooperation on resource and geopolitical issues.

Use this tool to easily communicate to others that your data are available for reuse in diverse legal environments, and under what terms and conditions.

Ethics and Norms of Data Sharing

Good scientific practice dictates a set of norms on appropriate and ethical data use. These norms include appropriate attribution of data, accurate description of the data, and community efforts to assure their quality. The PIC works closely with the polar research and data communities to develop and evolve appropriate norms of behavior. By sharing your data in the PIC, you are agreeing to adhere to the PIC Ethics and Norms of Data Sharing.

The Creative Commons Waiver or License

This tool provides you with two options for asserting what rights users have when using your data:


The recommended option is a Creative Commons waiver called CC0 that places your data as fully as possible in the public domain (more information about CC0).

Attribution Only License

Alternatively, you can choose a Creative Common Attribution Only license, "CC-BY" (more information about CC licenses).

Both options create a graphical icon in the form of HTML code, which will allow you to display the waiver or license information on your Web page, or XML code, a software-readable format that you can insert in formally structured metadata. The badge links to the PIC norms and a description of the relevant waiver or license. The badge also includes additional information (RDF code) that allows search engines to identify your work.

Badging Your Data

Badging your data with a Creative Commons license is one important step in contributing back to the PIC with any value-added data, information, or other digital content derived entirely or largely from PIC materials. Then, others interested in using your data will understand the rights and conditions you have granted.