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The data and information that researchers generated during IPY built on the foundation of previous IPYs, and added to the body of scientific knowledge about Earth.

IPY has formally ended, but NSIDC continues to take a leading role in ensuring that IPY data are identified, shared, readily accessible, and preserved for the long term. NSIDC also leads several specific data management projects to ensure the lasting legacy of IPY.

ipy researchers
During IPY, researchers participated in a number of international projects to study the polar regions, such as the Norwegian-U.S. Traverse of Antarctica, pictured here. NSIDC and others are working to ensure that data from IPY projects are preserved for future generations.
—Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC

Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA)

ELOKA seeks to facilitate collection and use of local observations and knowledge of the Arctic.

The Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service (ACADIS)

ACADIS seeks to provide timely access and lasting preservation for data collected by projects funded by NSF's Arctic Science Program, including the data collected during IPY. The project is a joint effort of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and NSIDC.http://nsidc.org/ipy/images/ipy_nsidc_whole.png


4 March 2009

New CODATA IPY Data Management Initiative to Ensure Data Stewardship

NSIDC data managers played an advisory role in developing the Committee on Data and Science and Technology's (CODATA) long-term management strategy for IPY data.

7 June 2007

NSIDC to Manage IPY Data

NSF awarded funding to NSIDC to help manage scientific data taken during the International Polar Year (IPY).

March 2007

Canadian IPY Stamp Uses NSIDC Data

Canada Post has released a commemorative stamp series in celebration of the International Polar Year (IPY).

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