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The Cryosphere: Where the World is Frozen
Iceberg image
Title Graphic: IceTrek: Exploring the Lifecycle of a Drifting Antarctic Iceberg

The image below is a close-up of the region where the IceTrek mission began.

The Antarctic Peninsula appears dark gray and is at the left-most edge; the Larsen B Ice Shelf and some landfast sea ice alongside it appears solid white. Icebergs, also solid white, are adrift in the Weddell Sea, which appears a cracked light gray with blocks of thin sea ice against the dark open ocean.

The team gathered at Marambio Station, shown in the upper left, before boarding the icebreaker Almirante Irizar. From the ship, they flew by helicopter to the iceberg. The IceTrek team landed on Iceberg A22A, shown at bottom right, to install their instruments. The instruments they installed are currently tracking changes in the iceberg as it follows its drift track, indicated by a dashed arrow, north towards Marambio station. The iceberg may drift as far as the South Atlantic near South Georgia Island and the Falkland Islands.

Expedition Area Thumbnail Image