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The Cryosphere: Where the World is Frozen
Iceberg Image
Title Graphic: IceTrek: Exploring the Lifecycle of a Drifting Antarctic Iceberg

Mission Log

28 Aug-25 Jan
26 Jan-4 Feb
5 Feb-1 March
2 March-6 March
7 March-19 March
20 March-27 March
28 March-11 April

Preparation En Route to Marmabio Station, Antarctica Reconnaissance (Marambio) Mid-Size Iceberg Deployment (AMIGOSberg) A22A Deployment En Route to Boulder, CO, USA Expedition Postlude

During the course of the 2006 expedition, the IceTrek team sent Mission Log updates on an ongoing basis.

The navigation above contains sequential Mission Log entries from different points in the expedition. Be sure to scroll down in the individual sections to see some of the fantastic photography that the team took during a journey to icebergs that may not even exist in a few short years.

Please credit the National Snow and Ice Data Center for image or content use.