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Tabular Iceberg2948 viewsThis tabular iceberg was photographed near Antarctica during the IceTrek expedition in 2006.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos, NSIDC
IceTrek Web site
broken sea ice2232 viewsSea ice north of Greenland.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Andy Mahoney, NSIDC
Larsen B Ice Shelf1397 viewsAn in-flight photo of the Larsen B Ice Shelf taken during the 2006 IceTrek expedition
Emmons Glacier1246 viewsEmmons Glacier, 22 September 1966, photographed by Austin Post.
Image Credit: Courtesy NSIDC Glacier Photo Collection
NSIDC Glacier Photo Collection
pancake ice1163 viewsPancake photographed north of Greenland.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Andy Mahoney, NSIDC
746 viewsMuir Glacier, photographed by William O. Field on 13 August 1941 (left) and by Bruce F. Molnia on 31 August 2004 (right). From the NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection: Repeat Photography of Glaciers.
Stockje Glacier316 viewsCrevasse in dissipator of Stockje Glacier. Aug. 11, 1894. Photographed by Harry F. Reid.
Image Credit: Courtesy NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection
NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection
Megadunes312 viewsThis synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image of the Antarctic megadunes was taken by the Canadian Radarsat satellite.
Drew Slater240 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
Shari Gearheard234 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
Florence Fetterer229 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
Ted Scambos228 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
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