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716 viewsThe Norwegian-U.S. Traverse team, 2008-2009.
Image Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC
712 viewsMuir Glacier, photographed by William O. Field on 13 August 1941 (left) and by Bruce F. Molnia on 31 August 2004 (right). From the NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection: Repeat Photography of Glaciers.
711 viewsDrew takes a turn in the pit.
Image courtesy Mark Serreze, NSIDC.
CLPX Map710 viewsMap showing the study areas from the Cold Land Processes Field Experiment. CLPX Web site
710 viewsThe team celebrates after reaching Troll Station, the end of the traverse.
Image Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC
710 viewsGlacial meltwater. Denali National Park, AK. From the air,
small plane. 05/25/07
Image Credit: Courtesy Lynn French, NSIDC
709 viewsThule Airforce Base glows in the morning sun.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney.
705 viewsThe iceberg seen on the ARISE Cruise, surrounded by cake ice in the background.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Paul Endersby
705 viewsThe helicopter drops off the IceTrek team on Tempanito Iceberg.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos and Rob Bauer, NSIDC
IceTrek Web site
703 viewsView from the twin otter out onto the ice sheet: Jakobshavn glacier can be seen by the flow lines in this photo. Jakobshavn is Greenland's largest outlet glacier and the fastest moving glacier in the world.
Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
702 viewsThe dining area of the traverse vehicle was small but sufficient for the team.
Image Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC
700 viewsThis sign post shows the direction and distance of the North and South Poles, Tromso, Norway, and other cities.
Image Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC
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