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Ted Scambos224 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
223 viewsAIDJEX 1972 pilot study. Inside NASA CV990
Image Credit: National Snow & Ice Data Center
AIDJEX Web site
223 viewsResearchers pulled the LIDAR rig on this SnowStar Sled.
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
223 viewsResearchers prepare their snowmobiles during the 2013 Arctic Observing Network (Snownet) field project in Alaska's North Slope.
222 viewsThis LIDAR rig was used during the 2009 SnowNet project.
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
222 viewsA researcher's winter gloves provide a sense of scale to sastrugi, sharp irregular grooves or ridges formed on a snow surface by wind erosion, seen during the 2013 Arctic Observing Network (Snownet) project.
221 viewsThe automatic weather station (AWS) near the coast that we are going to cut down since it has been so difficult to reach by ski-doo over the past few years. Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
221 viewsView of Swiss Camp from the helicopter.
Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
220 views1972 pilot study: "Bam's Hut." Arne Arneberg "the human forklift", at left.
Image Credit: NSIDC courtesy Tom Marlar/CRREL
AIDJEX Web site
220 viewsAfter taking down the station in the previous photo, we fly back to Swiss Camp. This is a view from the helicopter of camp. Really shows how camp is just a small speck out on the vast Greenland ice sheet. Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
220 viewsFrom Left: Jonathan Thom, Rob Bauer, Ronald Ross, and Ted Scambos show off their survival gear for the IceTrek expedition.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos and Rob Bauer, NSIDC
IceTrek Web site
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