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230 viewsTim Schaefer slakes his thirst with ice chopped from an exposed ice layer at a thermokarst feature on August 19, 2012 near Toolik Lake, Alaska. (Credit: Kevin Schaefer, NSIDC)
230 viewsLin Liu pulls a ground penetrating radar unit through the tundra in rainy weather as Andy Persekian and Elchin Jafarov follow behind. The survey near Barrow, Alaska measures active layer depth. The radar unit (in the box) emits a pulse which reflects off the permafrost to measure the active layer depth, which is recorded in the computer held by Andy Parsekian. (Credit: Kevin Schaefer, NSIDC)
Florence Fetterer229 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
229 viewsMark Serreze snowshoes en route to a personal best of 3001 probe points.
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
229 viewsToolik Field Station
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
229 viewsChris Hiemstra prepares to take a GPS measurement.
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
229 viewsThis photo looks down a fracture in the ice.
229 viewsAll done! After two days of work, you can now actually see the wooden platform that Swiss Camp rests on. Hopefully when all of the surrounding snow melts this summer, it will now flow down this platform and away from the tents.
Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
229 viewsNina Brudermann releasing one of her balloons into the sky; each balloon has an insulated video camera attached.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos, NSIDC
228 viewsMark Serreze cruises on a snowmobile.
Image courtesy Andrew Slater, NSIDC.
228 viewsClose-up of the sled with the propane for the steam drill as we work on clearing snow and ice from around Swiss Camp (Nic is in the background). Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
Ted Scambos228 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
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