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431 viewsFrank performs some string art.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney.
429 viewsGreenlandic halibut freeze-drying on a rack.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney.
416 viewsAndy Mahoney poses before the dogsled ride north.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney.
412 viewsToku and Shari pose during the voyage back to Qaanaaq
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
411 viewsThe sun rises over the northernmost cemetery in Siorapaluk.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
406 viewsSled dog puppies frolic in the snow.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
406 viewsAnother aerial photo of the streams of melt water that flow out of the ice sheet.
Photo by John Maurer, CIRES/NSIDC, University of Colorado.
405 viewsSled dog puppies frolic in the snow.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
401 viewsThe dog teams spend the night on the ice in front of town.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
399 viewsThis puppy is on a mission.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
397 viewsSiorapaluk shines on a clear morning, while the sled dogs have a good rest.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
396 viewsThe sled dogs are getting excited, getting ready to head north to Siorapaluk.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
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