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629 viewsWhile navigating the Ross Sea, the team came across this unusual cluster of icebergs and pancake ice. This is one of several photos taken.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos, NSIDC
625 viewsOn the third trip out with the helicopter, the team come across an overlapping blend of nila and smooth snow-covered ice, with breakage around the edges, and fracturing on the surface.
Photo Credit: Courtesy Ted Scambos, NSIDC
621 viewsOn the way back to Thule Airforce Base.
Image courtesy Andy Mahoney
594 viewsThe trail left behind by the Aurora Australis after navigating past the iceberg in the background.
Photo Credit: NSIDC Courtesy Andi Pfaffling
590 viewsAIDJEX 1972 pilot study
Image Credit: National Snow & Ice Data Center
AIDJEX Web site
588 viewsMark Serreze surveys the sea ice in Barrow, AK.
Image courtesy Mark Serreze, NSIDC.
584 viewsAIDJEX 1972 pilot study
Image Credit: National Snow & Ice Data Center
AIDJEX Web site
584 viewsSnow extent, sea ice concentration, and age layers for the Northern Hemisphere for 03 February 2002 from the Near Real-Time SSM/I EASE-Grid Daily Global Ice Concentration and Snow Extent data set. [url=]EASE-Grid Web site/url]
578 viewsAn aerial view of one of the icebergs seen along the ARISE Cruise.
Photo Credit: NSIDC Courtesy Tony Worby
576 viewsAn airborne view of the nila breaking away from the smooth snow-covered sea ice.
Courtesy Ted Scambos, NSIDC
563 viewsSea ice cracks and moves near Antarctica
555 viewsAn aerial view of the helicopter taking data of the sea ice below.
Photo Credit: NSIDC Courtesy Alice O'Connor
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