Last additions - LARISSA Project 2009/2010
449 viewsThis photo was taken from the LARISSA ship in Flandres Bay, AntarcticaFeb 03, 2011
905 viewsA view inside the instrument box of an AMIGOS station, which researchers set up in Antarctica.Feb 03, 2011
495 viewsRob Bauer and Terry Haran pose in front of the test AMIGOS station on the NSIDC roof.Feb 03, 2011
1043 viewsFeb 03, 2011
388 viewsThe team was stuck in the tent for 2 weeks while a storm prevented the airplane from landing.Feb 03, 2011
765 viewsThis aerial photo shows the Bruce Plateau in AntarcticaFeb 03, 2011
692 viewsMountains and ice rise above Barilari Bay, AntarcticaFeb 03, 2011
1064 viewsBarilari Bay, AntarcticaFeb 03, 2011
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