Ted Scambos247 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
Drew Slater258 viewsNSIDC Scientist Biography
Science on the Sub485 viewsOceanographer Steve Okkonen (UAF) collecting through-hull water samples in the forward part of the torpedo room during SCICEX 99. Okkonen stands on a grate that drains spilled water to the submarine's bilges. The blue curtains to Okkonen's right cover bunks belonging to two USS Hawkbill sailors. In addition to serving as the science center, the torpedo room provided bunk space for ~ 30 sailors. Photo courtesy of Mark Rognstad.
Launching a Probe480 viewsCrewman “Ted” Groustra loads an Expendable Conductivity, Temperature, Density (XCTD) probe for launch during SCICEX 99. These instruments were designed to measure physical and chemical water properties (such as temperature and salinity) under the arctic ice canopy. Photo courtesy of ASL.
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