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To learn more about glaciers, see All About Glaciers. For more glacier images, including glacier photo pairs, see the NSIDC Glacier Photograph Collection.

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To read about an NSIDC study of iceberg breakup processes, see IceTrek.

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Ice Sheets

Photos taken on the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

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Ice Shelves


To read about recent ice shelf collapse events in Antarctica, see Larsen Ice Shelf Breakup Events. For more information on ice shelves, see State of the Cryosphere: Ice Shelves

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For more information about the 2002-2004 NSIDC Megadunes research project, see Antarctic Megadunes: Research at the End of the Earth

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NSIDC scientists


Photos of NSIDC scientists. To learn more about NSIDC researchers, see Scientists at NSIDC.

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Sea Ice


For information on sea ice, see All About Sea Ice. To read about current Arctic sea ice conditions, sea Arctic Sea Ice News & Analysis.

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