2007 Arctic Sea Ice Animation
This animation of September sea ice concentration from 1979 to 2007 shows that sea ice has been declining over the thirty years of the satellite record.
larsenb_20020131_20020307_animation.mov seaice_nh_1979_2007.avi sea_ice_concentration_aug_2008.mov TS_03_6Vcamera.jpg
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Album name:Sea Ice
Keywords:sea_ice_video_2007, sea_ice, video, animation, sea, ice, arctic, 2007, climate change
Copyright Information:May be used freely if properly cited.
Image Credit:Data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center using NASA GSFC Scientific Visualization Studio Blue Marble
Web site:http://nsidc.org/news/press/2007_seaiceminimum/20071001_pressrelease.html
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Date added:Sep 04, 2008
Dimensions:320 x 240 pixels
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