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WAISCORES: Deep Ice Coring in West Antarctica

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Siple Dome Ice Cores
Site Location Depth (m) Diameter (cm) Remarks

Lat/Long Local Grid

A S81°39.53' W148°48.72' 0.5 km S 1003.839 13 Main deep core
B S81°39.53' W148°48.72' 0.5 km S 99.98 10
C S81°39.30' W148°47.66' 0.0 91.945 10 Firn gases sampled
D S81°38.73' W148°47.16' 1 km N 30.868 10 Chips collected
E S81°18.14' W148°18.14' 30 km N 99.99 10 Chips collected
F S81°54.51' W149°20.22' 30 km S 100.771 10
G S81°34.25' W148°35.85' 10 km N 30.629 10 Chips collected
H S81°44.37' W148°58.61' 10 km S 31.744 10 Chips collected
I S81°38.25' W148°45.95' 2 km N 30.055 10
J S81° 55.50' W149° 22.58' 32 km S 118.606 10 Hole depth 145.75
UpC S82°27' W135°59'
134.59 10

Other Siple Dome Sites
Site Location Remarks

Lat/Long Local Grid
Hot Water Core ENG2 S81°39.499' W148°48.495' 421m S 135m E
Hot Water Core ENG23 S81°39.260' W148°48.486' 448m S 10m E
Hot Water Core ENG43 S81°35.728' W148°41.626' 6.940km N 87m W Next to Coffee Can Site SDMB
Seismograph Site S81°36.888' W148°51.015' 4.108km N 1.918km W
Coffee Can Site SDMA S81°39.266' W148°49.451' 120m S 217m W
Coffee Can Site SDMB S81°35.703' W148°41.833' 6.982km N 149m W
Coffee Can Site SDMC S81°38.473' W148°46.612' 1.554km N 72m E
Coffee Can Site SDMD S81°54.51' W149°20.22' 30 km S Next to 30 km S core
Coffee Can Site SDME S81°18.14' W148°18.14' 30 km N Next to 30 km N core