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Antarctic Ice Velocity Data

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Ice Velocities of the Larsen B Ice Shelf and Vega Island

The above overview map is a subscene from the USGS 1 km AVHRR mosaic (Ferrigno et al., 1996).

Data Acquisition Method

All data were obtained by means of static differential GPS measurements. In each area the positions were corrected differentially to previously established reference points in Devil's Bay, Vega Island. Stake positions are referred to the top of each stake and care has been taken to correct for tilting, if any. Furthermore, in all cases the GPS measurements were pre-planned in order to ensure good satellite constellation distribution during the survey.

Literature References:

(Also see: Related Publications)

Rott, H., W. Rack, T. Nagler and P. Skvarca. 1998. Climatically induced retreat and collapse of northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula. Annals of Glaciology 27, 86-92.

Skvarca, P., W. Rack and H. Rott. 1999. 34 year satellite time series to monitor characteristics, extent and dynamics of Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula. Annals of Glaciology, 29, 255-260.

Data Set Access

Access the tabular velocity data for the Larsen B Ice Shelf

Access the tabular velocity data for Vega Island

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