Ice Velocities of Ice Stream C

Ice velocities of Ice Stream C
This overview map is a subscene from the USGS 1 km AVHRR mosaic (Ferrigno et al., 1996).

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Ice Stream C: map of velocity vectors

Data Acquisition Method

The velocity data sets were obtained during the Caltech drilling field seasons 1996/1997 and 2000/2001 on Ice Stream C, with the support of Bjorn Johns, UNAVCO.

The velocities were calculated from repeat GPS measurements on Ice Stream C, using base stations and a kinematic rover. The measurements were taken on 15-17 November 1996 and 12-14 January 1997 for the 1996-1997 dataset, and on 17-22 November 2000 and 20-22 January 2001 for the 2000-2001 dataset. The accuracy of the GPS coordinates is 0.02 m. The accuracy in the velocity is 0.2 m/year. The 1996-1997 profile runs across Ice Stream C North to South. The 2000-2001 dataset includes three transects: #1 runs from South to North through the UpC Camp and along the line of boreholes drilled during the field season; #2 runs perpendicular to #1 East to West; and #3 is another North to South transect 11.36 km West of #1. Since Ice Stream C stopped flowing fast about 150 years ago, the present velocity vectors do not correspond with the direction of flow lines that were created during its active phase but are still visible on satellite images.

Hermann Engelhardt
Caltech, Pasadena

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Access the tabular velocity data for Ice Stream C, 1996-1997

Access the tabular velocity data for Ice Stream C, 2000-2001